Our Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
As we continue to monitor the impact Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having, our safety remains our number one priority. Learn More.

Our Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As we continue to monitor the impact Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having, our safety remains our number one priority. Learn More.

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Bird Control

Truly Nolen Canada’s Solution for Pigeons and Other Nuisance Birds

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Pigeons and other birds such as starlings and House Sparrows are not only a nuisance in Canada but can pose a serious health threat due to their close proximity to humans. These urban dwellers have adapted to the Canadian way of life and thrive on our buildings and eat our food.

It is important for Canadians to evaluate their health risks. You may be surprised to learn that in terms of disease and damage, pigeons and birds are similar to the health risks associated with rodents. Birds are the ideal carriers for spreading disease; they travel great distances and harbor over 40 different parasites and can host over 60 types of infectious diseases.

Diseases are passed from birds to humans in a variety of ways. The most direct is when humans come directly into contact with the bird or its feces. Diseases can also be transferred indirectly through contaminated food and water and also through the inhalation of fecal dust. The diseases that live in the birds’ environment are spread by the bird to the places it lives. Look for birds or their evidence (droppings and nesting materials) living and nesting around anywhere they are preparing or packaging food or beverages.

Inspect and Identify

Truly Nolen Canada’s exterior inspection focuses on any architectural feature that could provide a place for a bird to sit or roost. Your Truly Nolen Canada pest control professional will look for common areas where birds tend to sit on like:

Outward signs of bird activity are bird droppings, feathers, nesting materials, and eggs/chicks. Your technician will always invite you to participate in the inspection process if you desire, and will make thorough notes of all findings. Your Truly Nolen Canada pest control professional then develops a site plan including any relevant photos to document his or her findings.

Determine a Course of Action

Truly Nolen Canada’s four step bird control program addresses removal of the existing bird population, sanitation, and installation of mechanical exclusion/control measures to prevent future populations. This is a job most definitely left to the professionals. Depending on the extent of the infestation, professional-level personal protective equipment must be worn when physically removing nesting materials and fecal matter to ensure the technicians’ health and safety.

Control and Prevent

Based on the specific conditions of your individual infestation, your Truly Nolen technician will customize a system of bird deterrents. Our bird prevention system and products are flexible and strong and can be customized to work with literally any architectural configuration including courtyards, roof tops, overhangs, parking garages, and office balconies. We make it a point to seal all accessible entry points, even the smallest of access points.

As part of Truly Nolen Canada’s treatment activities, the pest control professional will conduct a routine follow-up inspection on a quarterly basis to make sure that all control measures remain intact. If bird control issues reoccur, then trapping, exclusion and control measures begin again to get the problem under control. Repairs are made to any damaged or failing control measures.

In the meantime, there are a number of things that you can do to make the area unattractive to pigeons and other nuisance birds:

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