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Truly Nolen Canada’s Solution for Mosquitoes


Truly Nolen Is Canada’s Solution for Mosquitoes

It’s the sound of summer: the high-pitched buzz of a mosquito. For many of us, mosquitos are just a nuisance, but they can actually pose a serious health risk. Unfortunately, the mosquito has readily adapted to Canadian life and now easily breeds in a wide variety of sites – basically anywhere where water is present.

This means that mosquito populations can explode quickly, leading to increased numbers of bites and the spread of disease. In fact, mosquitos are capable of transmitting over 30 different diseases, including West Nile Virus and Zika. Throughout history, mosquitoes have been responsible for more human deaths than any other animal. But they don’t just affect humans; their attacks on farm animals can cause weight loss and decreased milk production. As a result, it’s essential to take steps to reduce the mosquito population in your area.

Mosquito Feeding and Breeding Habits

Mosquitos are most abundant, beginning in mid to late May and lasting into August (depending on the weather). There are over 80 species of mosquitoes throughout Canada, and each has its own unique mating and feeding habits. In general, mosquitos are most likely to feed relatively close to their breeding site (within a 30-meter radius), but they will fly as far as 2.4 km to satisfy their insatiable appetite.


Mosquitoes typically breed in standing water, such as ponds and puddles, but they can also breed in containers, such as tires and birdbaths. To prevent mosquitos from setting up shop in your yard, be sure to empty any containers of standing water on a regular basis. However, it isn’t always this easy to prevent mosquitos from ruining your outdoor summer plans. You may find you need the help of Truly Nolen’s mosquito experts.

Inspect and Identify

If you believe you have a mosquito problem at your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact us today and ask about our mosquito services! A Truly Nolen technician will start with a customer interview and a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home.

The technician will be looking for areas where mosquitoes are likely to breed. While stagnant water is the optimal breeding environment, mosquitoes can also breed in conditions with minimal moisture, such as sprinkler heads or in algae buildup in poorly maintained gutters.

Your Truly Nolen technician will focus their search for mosquito-friendly conditions such as:

Stagnant or Standing Water

Uncirculated lakes, ponds, fountains, wading pools, or birdbaths.

High Moisture Areas

Flowerbeds, flowerpot saucers, woodpiles, improperly draining gutters, shady areas, etc.

Resting Sites

Surfaces protected from the wind and high moisture levels are perfect resting areas for mosquitoes. These include patio areas, dense foliage, sprinkler heads, under-building eaves, tree wells, and tree holes.

Determine a Course of Action

When it comes to mosquitos, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why Truly Nolen takes a customized approach to mosquito control. Your trained Truly Nolen pest professional will invite you to participate in the inspection process and will take thorough notes throughout.

After the inspection is complete, the technician will develop a unique action plan to combat mosquitoes in your individual situation. This action plan may include such measures as removing mosquito breeding sites, installing barriers or traps, or treating areas with an EPA-approved insecticide.

By working together, we can help you create a mosquito-free zone in your yard so you can enjoy the outdoors all season long.


A Mosquito’s Lifespan


When trying to control a pest, it helps to know as much about its lifespan as possible. The mosquito’s lifecycle begins when the female lays eggs in standing water or an area that is prone to flooding. Male mosquitos feed on nectar; however, females will need a blood meal before laying their eggs.

Once these eggs hatch, they become larvae (resembling hairy worms) and feed on microorganisms. After the larvae feed, they moult and turn into pupae, spending one to four days in their castings and developing into adults.

After emerging from their casting, a mating swarm occurs shortly after both males and females have hatched. And the cycle begins again. On average, mosquitos can live between one to two months, depending on the type of mosquito and gender. However, by the time the adults reach the end of their lifespan, their young are already developing, meaning more females will be laying eggs soon. Amazingly, mosquito eggs can sit dormant for many years before hatching under ideal conditions.

The Four Seasons Approach

4 seasons

At Truly Nolen, we understand that pests don’t take a break just because it’s winter. That’s why we offer our Four Season program, designed to address pest behaviour changes from season to season. Our technicians are trained to identify the signs of infestation and provide customized treatment plans to keep your home pest-free all year round. This can help to ensure your home is not only mosquito-free but also pest and rodent free.

As part of our Four Seasons Pest Prevention, we will provide interior and exterior quarterly services. These include:


  • Interior web wipe
  • Interior powder application
  • Botanical aerosol
  • Attic/Crawlspace powder application
  • Bait stations
  • Monitoring stations


  • Exterior web wipe
  • Exterior powder application
  • Exterior hot spot treatment
  • Power treatment
  • Ant bait application
  • Rodent monitoring
  • Exclusion

With the Four Seasons program, you can rest assured that Truly Nolen will help to reduce the mosquito populations around your home and business. We provide quarterly treatments with monthly service calls during peak mosquito season. Our mosquito removal and prevention services include applying liquid material and granules in high-moisture areas to control mosquito larva development proactively. We will also suggest areas of standing or stagnant water that should be removed as they could provide the ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes.

As part of our mosquito control, Truly Nolen also provides sanitation and exclusionary measures to remove areas of high mosquito activity from around the home.

With the Four Seasons program, you can rest assured that your home will be protected from all pests no matter what time of year it is. Contact us today to learn more about the Four Seasons program and how it can benefit your home.

Mosquito Prevention

Our technicians will work to ensure your home is pest free. However, there are a few steps that a homeowner can take to help reduce the chance of mosquito infestations.
These include:

  • Keep doors and windows closed or tightly covered with screens.
  • Remove any standing water from your yard, particularly after it rains, or the sprinklers are on.
  • Get rid of trash or things that can hold standing water like bottles and cans, coolers, old tires, buckets, plastic swimming pools, pool covers, flower pots, or birdbaths.
  • Don’t let water accumulate on patio covers or tarps that cover your vehicle or boat
  • Repair leaky pipes
  • Maintain and clean roof gutters

Truly Nolen has been in the business of keeping homes and businesses free of pests for over 80 years. We offer the Four Seasons program as part of our mosquito control in Canada and know what it takes to keep your property pest free. Call to schedule your inspection and learn more about our pest removal services today!

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