Truly Nolen’s Response to

Commercial Pest Control

Removal & Remediation

Removal & Remediation

This program begins with physically preventing the rodents from entering the area targeted for control. Rodent proofing or “building them out” is a critical step in any comprehensive rodent control program. Once the exclusionary measures are completed, the technician then traps the rodents already inside the structure.

With the structure secure and all rodents trapped and removed, the pest professional then proceeds to remove all nesting materials and any other dead rodents found. He then sanitizes all affected surfaces, and applies a residual material to eliminate pests associated with rodents, such as cockroaches, carpet beetles and feasting insects, such as fleas, ticks & mites that can transmit disease to others living in the structure.

INSPECTION begins with a customer interview, followed by a thorough visual inspection for pest IDENTIFICATION and DETERMINATION of a course of action. Inspection includes the interior and exterior of the structure. The pest professional looks for entry points, nesting sites and food sources. He makes thorough notes of all findings and always invites the customer to participate in the inspection process. He then develops a graph and site plan that outlines his findings.

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