Pests 101: Wasps and Bees Benefit to the Environment

While we sometimes tend to paint all pests with the same brush, it’s important to remember that there are lots of beneficial bugs out there. When you’re swatting at flies and scratching at mosquito bites, it can be difficult to remember that some bugs are our friends – especially those that feed on flies and mosquitoes!

Some of the most important insects in our ecosystem are pollinators and predators. Predators kill and eat other insects that cause damage to our environment and crops, while pollinators are vital to the production of food for both humans and livestock. While the notion of a world without bees might be appealing to some, it would also be a world without vegetables and fruit.

Bee Beneficial

Bees are sensitive and social insects that need a quiet place to live that is also close to a variety of food sources. Over one-sixth of the world’s flowering plants wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for bees, and the value they contribute to the agricultural industry each year amounts to billions of dollars. Without these stripy insects, vegetable and fruit plants would be much less productive and yield misshapen crops. In addition to that, they also produce honey which is both delicious and full of health benefits.

Pesticides and climate change are threatening the world’s bee population and new approaches to residential pest control in Niagara are vital to the preservation of these busy species.

Wasp Welfare

There are thousands of different species of wasp in the world and not all of them wear yellow and black. Although many people will seek out residential pest control in Niagara to deal with the infinitely annoying yellow jackets, even these pesky creatures have an important role to play in our ecosystem.

Yellow jackets spend much of their time scavenging dead insects, providing a useful cleaning service that few others would be prepared to do. Even more beneficial than the yellow jackets are hornets and paper wasps which help to keep other bug populations under control.

Wine-lovers should be particularly respectful to these species which also carry yeast in their guts, storing it during the winter hibernation and then delivering it to the next year’s spring grapes to ensure another great year of wine.

Nasty Neighbours

While these bees and wasps have an important role to play, when they move into your home or garden, it can be difficult to appreciate their worth. Obviously, we all want to prevent our loved ones from being harassed or stung by these insects but attempting to remove a hive or nest on your own can not only result in danger to your family, but can also end in the deaths of thousands of important insects.

We need to treat our bee and wasp populations with care and respect, it is vital that any associated residential pest control in Niagara is carried out by professionals. Truly Nolen offers a range of services, including the removal of unwanted wasp and bee colonies. Not only can they ensure the insects are removed without endangering people nearby, they can also attempt to relocate the hive, keeping as many bees alive as possible.

Even the smallest of wasp nests can cause a problem in a residential area but if you approach the nest, except a hostile reaction from its inhabitants. These stinging critters will defend their nest ferociously, which is why the assistance of a local pest control expert is highly recommended.

If you are experiencing bee or wasp problems, contact Truly Nolen for more information and help keep these vital insects alive and functioning.