Truly Nolen’s Long-term Pest Control Solutions

Pests in Canada can be a problem during any time of the year, which includes those icy cold winters. Just because the spring and summer heat is gone, does not make it any less likely that you are going to see you favourite unwanted pests, as winter time is the time when most of the pests in Canada seek some warm refuge from the winter cold. This makes your home the ideal winter retreat. Pest control is not a seasonal business, although some pests seem to be, and is something that needs year-round care and attention if it is to remain effective and worthwhile. Truly Nolen understands this, and with this in mind we have developed a proactive Insect Control Program, addressing the seasonal behavioural changes in pests. Understanding these specific behaviours has allowed Truly Nolen to proactively introduce control measure that adapts with the pests. Through the use of a series of high-quality and environmentally-conscious materials, Truly Nolen’s Research and Development Department has been able to formulate effective programs, minimizing resistance to treatments as time moves forward.

Protection During the Winter

It’s a common myth that pests just disappear during the winter, and during this time of year they are closer to you than you think. When winters sets in, pests seek warmth and shelter from the cold, as well as some food to get them by, and your home is ideal. By doing this, pests increase their chances of survival during the winter, allowing them to again reproduce in the spring. During a routine pest control check, your Truly Nolen technician will focus on the insects inside your home, while preparing the exterior of your home for any insect invaders. Establishing a perimeter around your home will help to keep pests at bay throughout the year, naturally keeping the interior pest-free. A Truly Nolen pest control technician will remove all spider webs while applying the preventative material to all the cracks and crevices of your home. Dust treatment will be performed throughout the attic and other crawl spaces, while ant traps and other bait stations are placed in the bathroom and around the kitchen. Additional materials will also be placed around your doors, windows, and eaves.

Year-Round Protection

Once winter has come and gone, and the insects start becoming more visible, pests are bound to become a problem. With the Truly Nolen approach to pest control, however, this does not have to become your reality. Using a series of material, and with the vast understanding of insect behaviour, Truly Nolen is able to eliminate your pest problems all year round, effectively interrupting their breeding cycle, and stopping problems in their tracks. This preventative measure is assured to keep your home bug and pest free all year round, keeping your home and your family safe from any unexpected and unwanted pest surprises.

Eliminating and preventing any pest problem is always best when done through your pest control professionals. Truly Nolen truly understands what it takes to get to the heat of the issue and provide a lasting solution that is safe you, your loved ones, and your beloved pets. Our environmentally-conscious approach to our work is something that is held in high regard, and our more than 50 years of proven expertise lets you know you are in capable hands. By using what works from season-to-season, in line with the behaviour of the insects, Truly Nolen have proven ourselves to be on top of the game, and your all-in-one solution to any and all pest control problems.