Preventive Pest Control: A Year-long Obligation

Preventive pest control is a year-round maintenance obligation, not a one-time effort to keep the bugs out. An average homeowner is most likely unfamiliar with all relevant strategies to keep the pests away. Prevention is necessary to stop pest infestations before they even occur, avoiding expensive pest removal and doing costly repairs on your home due to damage. Truly Nolen advises following a pest prevention plan for your Canada home. Here’s why you should pay attention to pest prevention throughout the year.

Easy Entry Spots Occur Throughout the Whole Year

The small cracks and weak spots that pests use to enter a home don’t just happen overnight. They happen throughout the entire year when seasonal changes in temperature and moisture levels weaken certain building materials. Inspecting and repairing the residence could help seal possible entry spots in time before the pests get to use them. Year-round pest prevention includes some of the following tasks:

  • Learning and understanding pest species specific to each individual area as well as their living cycle.
  • Understanding the seasonal changes in pest population and the periods when they migrate, nest and are most likely to attack homes.
  • Making seasonal inspections to detect damage to the building and the infrastructure materials.
  • Performing timely repairs. This will not only prevent pests from entering your home, but also keep your house healthy and in good shape.
  • Understanding preventive pest control measures that serve to avoid drawing pest to human households, such as regular cleaning and maintenance, proper food storage and disinfection routines.

These are only some of the necessary preventive measures for keeping your property clear of pests. In most cases, households battle the risks of having mice, rats, bugs, and other wild animals throughout the entire year. Though summer and fall are highly intense seasons regarding pest infestations, winter is also the time when they try to get inside the households to nest or hibernate, flourishing in early and late spring

Are You Having Trouble Preventing Pests From Entering Your Home? Truly Nolen Has a Solution

To save yourself the time and frustration of repairs to your home so that it doesn’t allow any pests inside, you shouldn’t hesitate to look for expert help. Neglected infestations can lead to substantial damage to the property. Pests can damage the infrastructure and building materials, making parts of your home unsafe. They also create an unsanitary environment, spreading infectious bacteria through feces and other fluids they leave behind. As the threat from pests isn’t only the sanitary one, you need to be proactive about protecting your home. By applying preventive measures, and contacting a certified pest control in case you need help, you’ll ensure the safety of your home. A proactive approach is a key to maintaining a pest-free property.

We at Truly Nolen have developed year-long pest prevention plans to help owners protect their homes. Our technicians will inspect the area, diagnose possible entry spots and individual needs of your property. Based on this, they’ll tailor a program that fits your home the best. We will design a preventive pest control plan based on your individual needs and the structure of your property.