3 Effective Tips To Keep Mice Out of Your Attic

3 Effective Tips To Keep Mice Out of Your Attic

If you hear scurrying overhead and notice foul odours near your roof space, you might have a mouse infestation. While these troublesome pests may be found anywhere in your home, attics are particularly appealing. With their warm, secluded shelter and access to fluffy, cozy insulation for nesting, attics make perfect places for these vermin to set up residence.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to keep mice out of your attic and the rest of your home. Here are three top tips for effective mice control, along with who to hire when you’re already dealing with an infestation.

Why Mice Control Matters

While a few small critters scuffling around your attic may seem insignificant, it’s important to keep in mind the dangers mice present. Although they aren’t known for aggression and won’t usually bite unless provoked, the major concern with mice is the diseases these pests bring into your home.

Mice, along with the fleas, ticks, and mites they carry, spread serious pathogens such as hantavirus, Lyme disease, and salmonella, and they can infect humans with severe neurological diseases like meningitis and encephalitis. It’s not just direct contact with these pests that pose danger, but also exposure to their droppings. Human and pet foods, and even open surfaces, may also become contaminated.

On top of carrying disease, mice are avid gnawers, and their presence often causes structural damage to houses. They also chew on wiring, leading to electrical problems and even fire risk. In short, these compact critters are big trouble.

Three Tips for Keeping Mice Away From Your Attic

Now for the good news: there are several effective measures that help keep your house mouse-free. The top guidelines include:

1) Keep a Tidy Home

Because of their small size, even the tiniest crumbs look like a massive feast to mice. Keep every surface food-free with frequent dusting and mopping, and store food in plastic or metal containers. Be vigilant against clutter, as well, and don’t allow anything to pile up in or around your house that might offer shelter to mice.

2) Seal Cracks, Crevices, and Other Entry Points

From tiny foundational cracks to torn window screens, even minute openings provide easy home access to mice and other pests. Seal any hole larger than six millimetres, and add screens over pipes and vents that lead into your house.

3) Cut Foliage Away From Your House

Overgrown shrubs protect mice from predators as they congregate near your home, and branches touching your house offer an easy bridge to upper access points. Make your greenery less complicit in encouraging infestations by keeping it trimmed back.

How To Manage an Infestation

Although preventative measures are important for keeping infestations at bay, you also need to know how to get rid of mice once they invade. Because of the dangers they pose, hiring a professional pest control team is the safest way to ensure your problems are solved quickly and effectively. DIY measures like setting traps, cleaning out nests, or even getting a cat rarely eradicate the problem entirely, and any human or pet exposure to mice is risky. Successful mice control is best left to trained and experienced experts.

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