5 Reasons We Should Appreciate Spiders

5 Reasons We Should Appreciate Spiders

Arachnids get a bad rep; they are good for the environment and personal properties. Still, spiders are scary-looking creatures, with their fangs, eight hairy legs, and multiple eyes. They are so scary, in fact, that arachnophobia — the fear of spiders — is among the most common phobias on the planet. While people might cringe or scream at the sight of spiders, they are seriously misunderstood creatures.

Spider control services can help rid spiders from your home or manage arachnid populations on your property, but don’t be too hasty to call in support. Before you pick up the phone, consider the many benefits of spiders and how they help you.

The 5 Benefits of Spiders

Despite the prevalence of arachnophobia, spiders are usually nothing to be afraid of. While some may pack a nasty and painful bite, many are harmless to humans and will not bite unless threatened.

One way of combatting fear is through education. Most people who are afraid of spiders do not realize the amount of good these so-called “pests” do.

1. They Eat Household Pests

There are many household pests that present more of a risk to you, your family, and your property than spiders, including ants, mosquitoes, roaches, and flies. Each of these invasive insects can carry and transmit diseases or harmful bacteria. Also, they can damage your property. Spiders eat all of them.

Spiders are an essential tool in the population control of various insects. While you do not want spiders inside your home, having them around it is often beneficial.

2. They Kill Off Disease-Carrying Insects

Did you know that flies, cockroaches, and fleas can carry and spread cholera, plague, and typhoid? Mosquitoes can transmit malaria and other illnesses. Spider weave webs that catch these insects, reducing the spread of disease.

Some spiders will even catch other spiders that may be dangerous to humans. For example, cellar spiders will attack black widows, potentially eliminating the threat to people.

3. They Are an Important Part of the Ecosystem

Biodiversity is essential to the health of the planet and its species. Spiders play an important role in various ecosystems. Not only do they help control insect populations, but they also exist as a food source for other animals.

Spider prevention methods should include ways to support arachnid development in specific areas. Sure, you do not want arachnids near your house or inside it, but out in a garden, they are beneficial.

4. They Are Great for Gardens

Gardens attract various pests, from aphids to weevils and everything in between. You can use chemical pesticides or insecticides to protect your garden, but then you risk consuming them or contaminating the garden.

Spiders are natural pest control and feed on all sorts of garden pests. If you allow spiders to live in and around your garden, you can reduce the risks that other pests present.

5. They Are Beneficial for Crops

As with gardens, crops need protection against pests. Aphids and caterpillars are two of the most significant threats to crops and agriculture. Spiders eat these pests, helping the agriculture industry to thrive.

Many companies and researchers are studying spider venom to find a safer biopesticide than current insecticides on the market. Funnel-web spider venom presents a promising option.

The Need for Professional Spider Removal Services

Spiders are incredibly beneficial, but their unique gifts and habits do not eliminate the persistent fear many people feel. Also, as helpful as arachnids are, you likely do not want hundreds or thousands of them living in or near your house. If you suspect you have a spider infestation, contact Truly Nolen Canada and schedule a property assessment.