A Family Business: Truly Nolen Pest Control

Since their inception 80 years ago, Truly Nolen pest control is still going stronger than ever, and they show no plans of slowing down any time in the near future. Founded back in 1938 in Miami, Florida by Truly Wheatfield Nolen, and bought by his son Truly David Nolen in 1966, who had already started his own pest control company in 1955. This family-owned pest control company is celebrating their 80th year as a worldwide pest control provider. With more than 80 offices operating throughout the United States, Truly Nolen employs more than 1,100 partners and is franchised internationally in more than 60 countries. Including 13 offices in Canada. Today, Truly Nolen is one of the best and most recognized pest control companies in Canada attributing their success to the company’s heartbeat – its people.

The Family Pest Control Company

Truly Nolen carries the moniker that tomorrow’s leaders shape the development of a company. The development of a company’s people, culture, expectations, and direction, ensuring that everyone feels valued and their contributions are unique and their own. The sheer size of the company allows their individuals to feel unique through the contributions of their own unique input, helping to create an intrinsic value and promote individual talents of employees. There is a multitude of various areas where employees have the opportunity to make their contributions.

Furthermore, it’s the Truly Nolen way of thinking that allows for the understanding that people are the key to their success. Each family member within the company has the opportunity to showcase their unique and individual talents throughout all aspects of the business, not competing for the top seat, and allowing the business and its employees to thrive under undivided leadership.

Succeeding Today

Truly Nolen has taken on the position of viewing both the clients and employees as family members. As such, each and every Truly Nolen associate is treated like family, making the pest control service a personal service. With their extended international reach, Truly Nolen has developed a deep understanding of knowledge and training. The company’s schools produce expert technicians, offering both theoretical and hands-on training in their two training centres. The Truly Nolen training centres acting as the perfect mediator between the world of pests and humans.

Looking to the Future

Believing that innovation is the key to sustained success, Truly Nolen is always looking for new ways to better operate effectively within this rapidly changing world of today. By adding to an employees’ involvement, pride, and enthusiasm, Truly Nolen strives to remain a unique and standout company within the pest control industry, owing to its identity, and displaying pride in what they do, and how they do it. Understanding pests is the Truly Nolen way of gaining a deeper insight of the business and the insects that they are working with, creating a more holistic and environmentally conscious approach to pest control in Canada, and throughout the world. With this vision of understanding people and pests, Truly Nolen should be your first call when you have to deal with an unwanted home insect and pest invasion. With 80 years in the industry, Truly Nolen is a name that you can rely on.

If you are currently looking into whether or not joining the Truly Nolen family by becoming a franchisee, please feel free to contact us to explore your options further. Or visit us at www.trulynolenfranchising.com.