3 Businesses That Need Pest Control The Most

3 Businesses That Need Pest Control The Most

Longer summers and milder winters lead to pest population growth. Think your business is safe? Pests don’t discriminate. Many businesses need commercial pest control more than residential customers. Pests create health hazards. Even if you’re not a restaurant, you have to be aware of any problems that could impact your customers. Pests can put your reputation at risk. Here are what businesses need pest control the most.

Restaurants – Especially Fast Food Chains

Pests may be less indiscriminate than people, but if there’s one thing that attracts pests, it’s food. Just one small pest seen in a restaurant can impact its reputation. It doesn’t take long for word to spread on social media these days. Even with meticulous cleaning, pests are attracted to the trash and moisture in restaurants. With a regular pest control schedule, restaurants and fast-food chains can stay on top of pest problems. Although roaches are the most common pest problem, ants, flies and rodents can also create problems. Our residential and commercial pest control services incorporate multiple avenues that eliminate and prevent pests. We don’t just treat the symptoms, but the root of the problem.

Hotels and Motels

Hotels are especially prone to pests. The warm, comfortable bedding in hotel rooms is attractive to pests. Combine that with guests eating in their room, and you’ve got a hotbed for out-of-control pests. Cleaning mattresses and carpets is a laborious chore, made worse when you have pests. A pest control system is vital to controlling pests and protecting your hospitality reputation. When you work with Truly Nolen, we don’t just treat the pests. We have a full system that inspects your business to control pests before they get out of control. Commercial pest control takes into account the volume of people that come through your doors to minimize pests from getting a foothold in your space.

All Types of Offices

Regardless of what type of office you have, medical, educational or a coworking space, these spaces have a few things in common with restaurants and hotels. First, offices are kept at comfortable temperatures for humans. Next, there is usually a water source that gives off moisture. Finally, most offices have a small kitchenette, a food source. Even if there isn’t a kitchen, most workers toss food wrappers into their trash. Comfort, food and water, three common reasons pests invade your space. Office buildings cannot afford to let pests take over.

Why Work With a Professional Pest Control Company?  

Commercial pest control professionals are trained in getting rid of pests. They know the latest technology and chemicals to use the safest and most effective methods to eradicate pests from your business. Because pest control services use the right tools and have the experience to deal with pests quickly, it can be most cost-effective than DIY.

Insecticides and rodent poisons are often over-used by the untrained. This can cause safety hazards to humans who are in the area. Pest control technicians with Truly Nolen use treatments that are proven and safe. We won’t put too many chemicals out to risk the safety of your team. Whenever possible, we look at the most efficient method that not only treats current pests but prevents future infestations. Pest control isn’t a luxury for commercial premises. It’s a necessity to maintain your reputation and take care of all the people who come into your space.

Truly Nolen pest control technicians give you peace of mind in your business that you won’t be shut down by a pest problem.

Contact Truly Nolen Canada for commercial pest control. We have a program for all types of crawling or flying insects to keep your business clean and safe.