A rodent’s favourite part of your kitchen

Rodents like kitchens because it’s the pace in the house with the most food. Mice and rats will make nests that have easy access to the kitchen. It’s important to keep the area clean. But, the best rodent control method is to stop it from even starting and sealing any points of entry on outside of the building. Rodents have their eyes on your kitchen. Here’s some of their favourite items.

Loose food in the cupboards

Grains, rice and cereal are part of their diet. If you make it easy for mice to find a meal, then they will infest your house. Sometimes cupboards can be difficult to keep clean. Things may spill or fall over, but you can’t see it because it’s hidden by the cupboard doors. Soft materials are easy for rodents to chew through. Plastic, paper and other soft packaging can be gnawed and chewed on by rodents. It’s best to store loose food into a resealable container. Glass jars with screw lids are the most efficient way to properly store food.

Mouse droppings can easily contaminate your food supply. If mice are in your cupboards, then they’re probably leave droppings. These can soak into food and contaminate the area. This can make people living in the house sick and spread different diseases and parasites.

Crumbs on the floor

It’s easy to just wipe crumbs and other garbage onto the floor. You should regularly be sweeping the floor and mopping up any food spillage. Leaving crumbs and waste on the floor makes it’s way too easy for rodents to get a quick meal.

Crumbs can also lead to other problems with insects. Keeping a clean kitchen is important to pest control. Using all purpose sanitizer can be enough to clean surfaces and cupboards. A simple wipe with warm water and soap can also simply clean any area. Make sure to tidy up any dirty dishes after eating. These can leave stains and other messes behind. Keep it clean.

Garbage under the sink

Under the sink the a hotspot for rodent activity. Rats are attracted to the dark damp area and easy access to water. Mice follow pipes through the wall ending under the sink. But, the most appetizing thing about under the sink is the garbage. There can be a lot of food waste or containers that have food traces on. Rodents have no preference on where they get food from. Garbage will do just fine as well.

It’s recommended to purchase garbage containers with locking lids. This can make it difficult for rodents to access the garbage. Also, garbage containers made of softer materials can easily be manipulated and chewed through. Make sure to take food waste out immediately after tidying the kitchen. Any smells or easily accessible food will attract rodents to your kitchen.

Halifax rodent control

The kitchen is the most attractive place to a rodent. There are many easy sources for them to find food. If you discover rodents in the kitchen makes sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.