Are Acorns Increasing Mice Activity around Your Home

Are Acorns Increasing Mice Activity around Your Home

Mice and rat populations have exploded this past year, which can mean trouble for home and business owners. With the upcoming autumn season, rodent activity naturally increases. But this year it is expected to be one of the worst years on record. In fact, technicians in the area have reported a 70% increase in calls this year, with rodents being a large part of the issues.  

For pest control in Georgetown, Truly Nolen technicians are happy to assist home and business owners with rodent infestations. We offer year-round protection services, including our Four Seasons approach, which offers proactive measures against pests and rodents. 

Remove Acorns from Property

Being proactive about keeping pests and rodents out of homes and businesses is the best prevention technique. With the autumn season approaching, one easy way to help prevent mice from your property is by removing any acorns from the premises. 

Mice will eat almost anything, including plants, grains, seeds, fruit, nuts, and much more. Their teeth are constantly growing, so they need to chew on items that help wear them down, so they don’t become painfully overgrown. Things such as wood, leather, wiring, and even plastic become good teething items for mice to gnaw on. 

Acorns fit both categories for mice as they can be a tasty treat and something to help wear down their teeth. So, if you have acorns around your home, you may be inviting mice onto your property and into your home. 

Mice are always looking for places to live that offer safety, warmth, and a secure food source. This becomes more important as temperatures drop. So, if you have acorns around your home, you may be inviting a problem. 

Finding Acorns Around Your Home?

Mice love to hide nuts for the winter season, just like squirrels. Unfortunately, your home is often their favourite hiding place. If you have found acorns anywhere in your home, chances are, a mouse has put it there for safekeeping. It is common to find acorns from mice in all parts of your home, including in the garage, laundry room, under the sink, and in the attic. Take note that reaching hard-to-reach areas in your home is easy because they are good climbers

With the winter months approaching, it is crucial to make some minor adjustments to make sure mice don’t find your home an inviting place to nest. Sweep up any acorns or other nuts from around your property. If you have a pet, don’t leave food out all day long. Pick up dishes and clean them after every feeding. You may also want to make sure you don’t have any open spaces that mice could fit into, especially on your roof. 

Our technicians at Truly Nolen can help find any potential trouble spots around your home during an inspection and help with rodent removal if any signs of little creatures are found. Our Four Seasons approach ensures pests and other rodents don’t make your house their home. 

Pest control in Georgetown this winter is more important than ever with this sudden increase in activity. Contact Truly Nolen to schedule an inspection today!