Are bed bug infestations worse in the spring?

Can Bed Bugs Be Worse in the Spring

Unlike most insect invaders, bed bugs do not get into your house through an open window or a crack in the weather stripping around your door. They come in things that you bring into your home, which means that bed bug control is something you need to be aware of all year long. However, some habits that are common for many people in the spring and summer can increase the likelihood that you get bed bugs, and a warmer indoor temperature can increase the rate that they multiply.

Ways They Enter a Home

The two most common ways for a bed bug infestation to occur are traveling and shopping for used goods, both of which many people do more of in warm months. The good news is that taking careful steps when traveling and shopping can reduce your risk of bringing home these pests.


It only takes one guest to unknowingly bring bed bugs into a hotel. If the infestation is not dealt with while the bugs are in a single room, they can spread to surrounding rooms. Of course, this problem is well-known by hotel managers, and staff always watch for signs of infestation.

As a traveler, you can further lower your risk of bringing bed bugs home by being cautious and doing your own inspection of a hotel room. Untuck the sheets from at least one corner of the bed, then check the mattress, box spring, pillow, and upholstered furniture for the following signs:

  • Small specks of blood
  • Black dots of excrement
  • White eggs
  • Molted skin that the bugs shed, they leave behind

Whenever you return home from traveling, assume that a few stray bed bugs found their way into your luggage. Immediately wash all clothing that you took with you and store your empty suitcases in a place where bed bugs do not have access to your furniture or clothes, such as a garage.

Used Goods

Bed bugs can be hiding in used goods that you buy, whether you shop online or in person. Any used item that is made from fabric or upholstery could be infested. Inspect everything carefully for the same signs that you looked for in the hotel. If you see any evidence of bed bugs, do not bring the item into your home or car. Launder all clothing immediately after getting it home.

Ways Bed Bugs Spread

No matter how diligent you are about decreasing your risk of bed bugs, there is always a chance that these annoying pests can wind up inside your home. If you are like many people, you keep your house cooler during the winter than you do in the spring and summer. A small population of bugs that is growing only slowly in your cooler home can multiply faster in a warmer temperature that is more to their liking. A sudden increase in the population of what was a lightly infested room can make it seem as though spring brought the bugs.

Bed Bug Control That Lasts

A bed bug infestation is no laughing matter, and not only because you don’t like the idea of creepy crawlies in your bed while you sleep. These pests carry diseases, their bites can get infected, and you can spread them to other people’s homes. Self-treating the infestation is not effective because these tiny bugs are adept at hiding and it only takes a few insects or eggs surviving the treatment for you to have an ongoing problem.

Here at Truly Nolen, we have experience finding and treating all bed bug hiding places so that they do not come back. While we can and do take care of large-scale infestations, early intervention is the best way to protect yourself and your family. Our Four Season pest control plan provides peace of mind: We regularly inspect for and take care of all of the common pests for your area, so you know that your home is pest-free. Schedule your inspection today.