Are Cockroaches More Common in Summer?

Are Cockroaches More Common in Summer 2 (1)

With gorgeous summer weather on the horizon, that also means more bugs and potential pests outdoors and indoors. One creepy critter that may be more common in the summer is the cockroach. Rising temperatures and humidity can be a big problem for homeowners with a cockroach infestation, making it much worse. At Truly Nolen Canada, our team knows what to do to prevent roaches from infiltrating your home and can provide assistance with active infestations and cockroach removal. Learn more about why roaches seem to be more numerous in the summer months.

Cockroaches in Hot and Humid Weather  

Cockroaches are some of the hardiest bugs in the animal kingdom. They can be active when it’s cold outside and survive various climate conditions. Roaches prefer the hot, humid weather that is more common during the summer. In homes, roaches are attracted to spaces that are warmer and damper, such as the kitchen, basement or bathroom. They are more active and numerous during warmer times of the year.

The summer is also the prime time for breeding cockroaches, increasing their numbers dramatically. When it’s cold outside, they may be dormant and not be actively breeding, searching for food or seeking new places to nest. Once it starts to get warmer, though, they resume activity and may be looking for a new, quiet place to make a nest and multiply, such as inside of someone’s home. When the days get extremely hot, roaches may scramble to find a place that has food and protection from the heat.

Keeping Roaches Away

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep summer roaches out of your home. First, make sure you quickly clean up spills of food or drinks in your home and stay on top of your cleaning. Clear out any spaces that may accumulate crumbs, such as the toaster or the oven. Avoid having piles of clutter in your home and do regular sweeping, mopping and dusting throughout your spaces. Don’t keep pet food outside, and put it away after your pet has finished any meals.

You should also check your home for any cracks or holes along the windows, doors and foundation. Seal any exposed points of your home to prevent any unwelcome guests from getting inside. Fix any water leakage problems, such as around your gutters and roof, so bugs aren’t attracted to the moisture. Finally, make sure your garbage is sealed and properly secured when you place it outside.

Effective Cockroach Removal All Year Long

Even in the most immaculate homes, it’s still possible for cockroaches to move in and become a problem. Cockroaches usually show up at night when it’s dark, but sometimes, you may spot one or two in the kitchen, bathroom or basement. Another sign that there may be a problem with roaches is if you smell a musty odour in your home. Roaches may also leave behind small, dark droppings, which look like small bits of pepper or shed skin.

Another big clue that you may have an infestation is if your neighbour is infested. Homes that are positioned close together, such as townhomes or condos, may be at risk of an infestation, especially if someone else in the building or next to the home has roaches. In that case, the best course of action is to find professional pest control services.

The pros at Truly Nolen Canada can do an inspection of your home and pinpoint the exact location of the cockroach nests. Then, we can develop a treatment plan that gets rid of the roaches and keeps them from coming back.  

If you have spotted a roach in your home, you may already have an infestation. Don’t let the summer weather make things even worse and let cockroaches or other pests take over your space. Call the pros at Truly Nolen Canada for cockroach removal that works.