Are Your College Kids Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Their Dorm?

Are Your College Kids Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Their Dorm

If your college student is coming back home for a spring break visit, you don’t want them to bring along the worst uninvited guests imaginable, bed bugs. Bed bugs are notoriously known for being challenging to get rid of once they arrive, so make sure your college student doesn’t bring any back to your home from their dorm room. With Truly Nolen Canada’s guidance and advice, you can ensure that your college student won’t leave bed bugs behind. We offer help with preventing infestations and bed bugs control services in Waterloo and the surrounding area. 

Why Bed Bugs Are Common in Dorm Living 

Bed bug infestations are becoming more common in living spaces where many people are coming and going, like the typical college dormitory. Dorms are the perfect setting for a problem bed bug infestation that may not ever go away completely. Students are constantly on the go, some moving in for a semester and others moving out. This near-constant influx of new residents from all over the country may bring in new infestations of bed bugs. 

Besides the dorm residents, college spaces are also used for visitors, friends, family members and university staff members. With such a large number of people interacting and occupying college dorm areas, it’s easy for bed bugs to hitch a ride on someone’s things and set up a nest for a new infestation. This also makes it easy for bed bugs from your college student’s dorm to hitch a ride to your home.

Preventative Actions for Your College Student To Take

Bed bug infestations often originate from travelling to a new place, so college students can take some preventative steps when they first move into their dorm to avoid a problem. When they first arrive at their new dorm room, they should do a thorough visual inspection of the mattresses, beds, furniture, walls and carpet to ensure there isn’t an active infestation.

 Bed bugs can easily hide, so it’s common to miss the signs. Before putting sheets on the bed, college students can use a special plastic mattress protector designed to keep bed bugs from spreading. Another good idea is to keep the dorm room neat and organized to avoid giving bed bugs additional hiding spots in the clutter where they can stay for a long time without food. When it’s time for your college student to come home for a visit, make sure they put any dirty laundry they bring home in plastic garbage bags in case of hitchhiking bed bugs. 

What You Can Do at Your Home To Avoid an Infestation  

Parents can also take some steps to keep bed bugs from travelling with their college students when they come back home for spring break. When your student comes home, keep dirty laundry and other belongings outside in a garage or other covered area for a day or so to keep bed bugs from invading.

Ensure all dirty laundry is immediately loaded into the washer, washed and dried at high heat to kill any potential hitchhikers. Be sure to carefully inspect all of your college student’s belongings, even textbooks and library books, for hidden bugs. Don’t allow your college student to bring any furniture back from the dorm room into your home.

Get Bed Bugs Control Services in Waterloo

If you suddenly spot a bed bug in your home, despite taking all of the precautions, know that there is a way to get help before it turns into a serious infestation. Your best route is to contact a professional company with expertise in bed bugs control services in Waterloo, Truly Nolen Canada. 

Don’t let your visiting college student surprise you with a bed bug infestation in your home from the dorms. Get bed bug control service from Truly Nolen Canada to prevent an infestation in your family’s home.