Are Fake Wasp Nests Worth the Investment?

_Are Fake Wasp Nests Worth the Investment

Are wasps taking over your backyard? Don’t let these flying pests prevent you from enjoying your outdoor living area, but turn to reliable wasp removal in Niagara. Here are the reasons why fake wasp nests don’t work efficiently to repel wasps from your property and how Truly Nolen Pest Control offers more effective alternatives.

Are Wasps Territorial?

Fake wasp nests are designed to scare away these insects from your property. The idea is that wasps are highly territorial. They aren’t necessarily afraid of a fake nest, but in theory, it should cause them to look elsewhere for their new home. Unfortunately, there are three issues with a fake nest:

  • Wasps are too smart
  • Many species build underground nests
  • They don’t need a large territory

A simple nest isn’t enough to fool most wasps. Upon inspection, it’s obvious even to these insects that your fake nest is uninhabited. Even if a new colony is fooled by your fake nest, they’ll probably assume it is an old, abandoned nest. Some wasps have even been found building a nest inside a fake one.

Yellowjackets and other species make their nests in the ground. This means that your fake nest isn’t taking up any prime real estate, so these ground-dwellers are happy to build their nest near your fake one. Unless you’re confident that all the nearby wasp species are hanging-nest ones, your fake nest won’t protect your property.

Finally, these insects aren’t as territorial as is assumed. Even if a fake nest deters wasps from building in that exact location, many won’t travel far for their new location. This means a fake nest may relocate some wasp nests, but it won’t cause them to leave your property. The new wasp nest location may be even more hidden or near your home, making it worse than if you didn’t have a fake nest hanging up.

Where Do Wasps Build Nests?

Wasps can be categorized as social or solitary. Similarly, their nest-building habits can be either hanging or underground. These aspects both affect the location of wasps on your property. Social wasps, in particular, won’t be bothered by a nearby fake nest. Solitary insects may look for a less conspicuous home, but they typically don’t travel far.

Some colonies choose to build their nest on top of an old, abandoned one. These wasps are the primary culprits for building in a fake nest. Rather than a deterrent, these wasps may see an empty fake wasp nest as an invitation to move in.

Ground wasps require a completely different strategy. Even solitary ground wasps typically aren’t bothered by the presence of a nest. Don’t resort to chemical wasp repellent, but ask a local pest control service for more information on safe, efficient removal strategies.

How Can I Prevent Wasps in Niagara?

One common way to prevent wasps is to repair small defects in your home. Cracked siding, holes in the eaves, and other small imperfections are ideal homes for wasps. These hidden corners on your property should be properly sealed to limit the number of convenient wasp nest locations.

Don’t attempt to remove a wasp nest on your own. These insects can be particularly vicious when threatened, and most can sting multiple times. Multiple wasp stings can cause severe pain and swelling, so it’s best to leave this job to a professional.

A fake nest is only one non-toxic approach to preventing wasp colonies on your property. For effective removal and prevention strategies in Niagara, turn to Truly Nolen. Schedule an inspection today to discover whether you have nearby nests and how our team can efficiently remove these troublesome insects. Take back your lawn and enjoy an affordable, effective alternative to fake wasp nests.