Are You Prepared For Springtime Pests? 5 Tips To Get You Ready

Are You Prepared For Springtime Pests 5 Tips To Get You Ready v2

Springtime is a welcome sight to many homeowners in Ontario. Warmer temperatures mean thawing ground and the emergence of plants and flowers. They also mean that common pests that have been inactive throughout the winter will start making themselves known. Many of these pests are no more than an inconvenience; however, some can cause serious problems. Taking action now to limit their effects can help you avoid pest removal services later on. 

Common Springtime Pests in Ontario

You may be wondering what pests are the most likely to cause you trouble during springtime. While these aren’t the only pests that you need to be on the lookout for, they are a few of the ones that inspire the most disdain among Ontario residents. 


Ants may invade a picnic or cause itching and mild discomfort with a bite, but most aren’t likely to cause more severe issues. Some types are more problematic. For example, carpenter ants can quickly decimate a wooden structure. 


There are multiple species of mice that cause problems for Ontario residents. These small rodents carry and spread disease by contaminating the air and food supplies with their droppings. They may also chew through wires and insulation, potentially damaging your home. 


Termites are another wood-destroying pest that looks like small, flying ants. They may emerge from underground in the spring to search for new nesting sites. A colony can cause serious damage to wooden structures, including homes.


Wasps can be beneficial to the environment, but their sting can be quite painful and can lead to a potentially dangerous allergy in some individuals. Two common varieties, hornets and yellow jackets, are easily identified by their elongated, yellow and black bodies and the papery nests they build. Avoid irritating wasps near their nest since it can lead to multiple, painful stings. 


If you have indoor pets, you probably know how quickly a flea infestation can get out of hand. In many cases, professional pest removal is the only solution to eradicating them. It is far more advisable to keep the flea population under control and outdoors when possible. 

5 Tips for Protecting Your Home From Springtime Pests

A little bit of prevention can go a long way in keeping springtime pests under control. Use these tips to protect your home. 

1. Control Moisture Levels

Some pests, such as termites and ants, may your home searching for water.  Controlling moisture levels will help you avoid unwittingly inviting them in. Consider using a dehumidifier and increasing ventilation in damp areas of your home. 

2. Properly Clean Trash and Debris From the Yard

Debris and trash around the yard can be an open invitation to pests. It provides shelter and, in some cases, a water source. Clean up leaves and woodpiles and put toys and equipment away to reduce pest problems. 

3. Seal Gaps and Cracks Around Your Home

Use caulk, insulation and weatherstripping to seal any gaps and cracks in your house. An adult mouse can fit through a hole less than a centimetre wide, so they’ll find a way into buildings that otherwise seem secure. 

4. Keep the Food Stored Securely

Why leave a picnic out for insects and rodents? Clean up crumbs after preparing meals and store all food in secure, airtight containers. This will significantly discourage pests from entering your home. 

5. Call a Professional for Pest Removal Services

While prevention is a great start, it isn’t always enough. If you notice springtime pests in and around your house, contact Truly Nolen Niagra to get them removed. Professional treatments are generally safer and more effective than most common DIY options. 

Truly Nolen provides professional pest removal services throughout the Niagra region. Contact us today to schedule a pest control appointment for your home.