Autumn Surprises: There’s a Spider in my House

Having spiders come out of unexpected spots is more than frustrating, especially towards the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall. Though only few spider species are harmful to people, they don’t make a comfortable living ambiance. Everyone wants to make sure there are no spiders in their plain sight, despite knowing their significance to the environment and their role in the ecosystem. Luckily, Truly Nolen Canada has a couple of expert-verified spider control tips to help you keep them away during summer and fall.

How Can You Tell You’re Dealing With a Dangerous Spider?

Only a few domestic species are dangerous to humans, but foreign spiders can easily reach your home through foods. Often, imported fruits and veggies pass a bug or two along, but it’s nothing to be concerned about. However, if you come across an unfamiliar species in your home, there are a couple of responsible things you can do. Here are some of them:

If you see a foreign spider species, alert the store and authorities. Whether or not the spider is actually dangerous is not for you to judge. But, a new species in the already existing ecosystem could cause infestations. For example, if the spider you found in your imported fruit doesn’t have many natural enemies in your ecosystem, it and possibly more spiders of the same species could cause infestations in public or private spaces. This is why you should capture the spider and alert parties that are responsible for pest control.

If you get bitten, preserve the spider. On the off chance that the spider that bit you is actually venomous, you should preserve it and take it to the hospital with you in case the bite gets infected. It will be a lot easier for hospital staff to provide you with the right treatment if they know which type of spider bit you.

Preserve the spider you found in imported fruit. If you come across a foreign-looking spider, alert the store and preserve it in case someone needs to examine it to make sure it’s not dangerous.

Contact a pest control service to help you remove a risky-looking spider. On rare occasions, dangerous spiders will create nests in your home. Anyhow, you shouldn’t try to resolve a spider infestation on your own. You risk getting hurt, and tools and the products you might choose to use on your own could be ineffective. This is why the best solution is to get a pest control expert to deal with your spider problem.

Do You Fear Spider Infestations? Truly Nolen’s 4-Season Solution is Your Answer!

If you want to remain at peace knowing that your home is protected from pests overall, including spiders, let us know you’re interested in our 4-Seasons-Solution program. We will create a plan for yearly maintenance and prevention specifically designed for your home. It will include an entire list of adjustments, tasks, and improvements that follow the seasonal changes in pest’s behavior and lifestyle.