Bed Bugs Cause More Stress Than You Think

Recently, bed bugs have been on the upswing throughout the Niagara region, and these little pests have more than just a nasty little bite that is scaring people. A new Canadian study has shown that the effects that bed bugs have a person’s mental state of being, is far more significant than had been previously thought. This first of its kind scientific evidence shows the mental repercussions that insects, particularly bed bug infestations, have on a person’s state of mental health. The study further concluded that victims of a bed bug infestation are far more likely to suffer from the disorders of anxiety, fatigue, and possible depression.

The Mental Effects of a  Bed Bug Infestation

The mental health effects of those affected by bed bugs are not something that should be taken lightly. Bed bug experts are there to help you rid your home or business of bed bugs, leaving your mind stress-free and well rested. The issue with bed bugs is that they are commonly found in beds, and when you are asleep is when you are at your most vulnerable. Going to bed knowing that you could be bitten at any time, is a rather stressful situation to have to live with. While you are sleeping you cannot protect yourself, and this stress can lead to sleepless nights and endless worry.

Studies have further found and verified that those inflicted with bed bugs are 5 times more likely to suffer with ailments such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems.

Further follow-up research has indicated that sufferers from bed bug infestations have displayed increased episodes of panic and disorientation. Further attributes that contribute to the mental anxiety felt by those afflicted are the elements of social isolation and being shunned by friends and family. Symptoms of being withdrawn and antisocial are contributing factors that add to the severity of these mental conditions and afflictions.

The Peace-of-mind Bed Bug Solution Specialists

If you are experiencing a bed bug problem then you need an expert. A pest control specialist that is going to make sure your beg bug troubles are completely and professionally dealt with, and ensuring that they will never return. Yes doing it yourself might seem like less of a hassle or expense, you would, however, be incorrect. While a DIY solution may provide you with some temporary relief, a sustainable and long-term solution can only be offered by the experts. Truly Nolen Canada has got what you need. Expert control and extermination techniques, coupled with decades of knowledge and experience, Truly Nolen will leave with peace of mind and feeling free once again. Bed bug problems in Niagara need to attacked head-on, by the experts, to ensure that they do not make a surprise return in the near future.

Truly Nolen Canada stands behind their service guarantee 100%, leaving you with peace of mind that you are not going to be attacked during your time of rest. So you can get a great night sleep, and wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the world with your head held high.