5 Benefits of Year-Round Pest Control For Your Business

5 Benefits of Year-Round Pest Control For Your Business

As a business owner, your commercial property is likely a large financial investment. Protecting it from theft and other types of damage is probably a high priority for you, but have you ever thought about the kind of harm rodents and insects may cause? Rats, mice, roaches, spiders and wasps can cause problems for your business all year long, but our Truly Nolen Niagara team is ready to help with year-round commercial pest control and to help you understand its benefits.

1. To Prevent Emergency Treatments 

Investing in year-round pest control can help you avoid the discovery of sudden infestations that may require emergency treatment. Problems like these can cause business interruption and a loss of profit, especially if the process takes more than one day. Because emergency resolutions often take longer, your customers may look elsewhere for services or leave you an unfavourable online review. All of these issues could cause permanent harm to your company.

Scheduled visits from our pest control technicians can prevent hidden infestations. For example, roaches and flies are active in the springtime, so treating your property to prevent them from encroaching can give you peace of mind that it is protected for several months. Since these pests can be especially problematic if you own a food store or restaurant, arranging services at the start of the season can be especially useful to keep pests away from food and to avoid a shut-down.

2. To Avoid Structural Damage 

Some insects and rodents can cause serious structural damage to your commercial property. Termites, in particular, can destroy walls, wooden furniture, and the interior and exterior of cabinets. Mice and rats chew wires and insulation, along with other materials, to make their nests. Any infestation of these creatures may cause an untold amount of damage, and the cost of replacement and repair could total thousands of dollars.

Termites are most active in the summer, so scheduling commercial pest control at the end of spring can prevent these destructive insects from taking hold on your business. Our technicians can place bait in locations where termites hide to destroy the colony and then perform preventative measures, such as offering tips about reducing moisture in your building and sealing cracks and crevices around weather stripping.

3. To Create a Safety Barrier 

Rodents, insects and spiders are constantly looking for a warm, dry home where they can take up residence and raise their young. Some of these creatures may cause harm to humans with painful or venomous bites, including:

  • The brown recluse spider 
  • Wasps and hornets 
  • Carpenter ants 

Your employees or customers may come into contact with these insects, and you could be liable for any injuries that occur on your property.

Keeping ants and spiders at bay with a protective barrier from Truly Nolen can keep these creatures outside where they belong and discourage them from seeking entrance into your property. Treating doors, windows and the perimeter of your property’s foundation can provide you with peace of mind during the spring and summer when venomous or stinging bugs are most active.

Treatment Can Improve Sanitary Conditions 

Many pests, such as rats, mice and even cockroaches can leave behind their droppings and unpleasant smells when they decide to spend their fall and winter inside your commercial building. Mice and rats may gain entrance through overhanging branches and find an open window or air vent. Roaches are opportunists that will use drains and cracks to find a dry, dark place to escape the coming cold, and this could mean a sudden infestation as they lay eggs.

A service treatment plan allows our techs to lay down bait for rodents and insects and seal up any entrances these pests may use to gain entrance. This means no unpleasant odours and a cleaner, healthier building for your customers and employees.

A year-round commercial pest control plan can protect your business and its reputation. Contact us today for a customized strategy for your individual needs.