Bridgewater Pest Control: 7 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Mosquitoes Away

On the list of peskiest pests, mosquitoes surely rank near the top. Nothing ruins an evening of outdoor fun like a swarm of these biting bugs nipping at your ankles and arms, and beyond being a nuisance they may also spread deadly diseases.

Fortunately, there are some helpful ways to ensure your backyard gatherings are free from these bothersome buggers. Follow these tips, and have a top provider of pest control in Bridgewater like Truly Nolen on speed dial. They’ll give you expert advice and are always at the ready to handle mosquito removal when you’re unable to keep an infestation at bay.

7 Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Property

Mosquitoes seem as ubiquitous in warm weather as barbecues and pool parties. Yet taking a few preventative measures goes a long way toward keeping your home mosquito-free, so you and your family aren’t besieged by bites during the summer months.

Screen All Windows

Although they’re associated with the outdoors, mosquitoes are eager to enter your home and search for prey given the opportunity. To let fresh air into your house while keeping pests out, be sure all your windows and sliding doors are securely screened. It’s a good idea to inspect your existing screens at the end of winter for any tears or rusting, so you have time to repair them ahead of mosquito season.

Keep Doors Closed

In the same way that screenless windows welcome mosquitoes into your home, so do open doors. Make sure everyone shuts exterior doors behind them, and consider installing walk-through screens on your sliders if you’re going to move in and out of the house frequently.

Clean Away Junk Piles

All sorts of bugs love to nest in moist wood or junk piles. To discourage mosquitoes from taking up permanent residence in your yard, remove heaps of discarded items, especially those near your house, and keep your land as clear as possible.

Turn Off Unnecessary Lights

Because mosquitoes are attracted to light and favour bright areas for easier navigation, turning off outdoor illumination reduces bug traffic around your home at night. Mounting motion-sensing fixtures provide light so you can safely navigate your home’s exterior without encouraging mosquitoes to hang out.

Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes breed in almost any amount of water, so inspect your yard with an eye toward sussing out all standing liquid. Common trouble spots include bird feeders, kiddie pools, flower pots, gardening buckets, and even old tires. Low areas of soil may also drain poorly and provide the right elements for an infestation.

Clear Gutters

Between stagnant water and rotting plant debris, your gutters may be attracting marauding mosquitos. Depending on how much foliage you have on your property, get in the habit of cleaning your gutters at least once, and up to four times, a year to discourage bug breeding.

Mow the Lawn

Finally, routine lawn care like proper watering and frequent mowing helps prevent mosquito problems. Keeping your grass blades short reduces opportunities for pests to hide and breed in dense growth, and it prevents the moisture buildup that bugs love to breed in.

While these steps will do a lot to keep mosquitoes away, bringing in a Bridgewater pest control specialist is the best way to deal with potential problems. The pros at Truly Nolen are trained to identify trouble spots in and around your home, and then provide expert advice on how to avoid infestations and manage issues if they arise. They’ll develop an action plan to combat these dangerous insects that are tailored to your property’s unique characteristics. Contact a Truly Nolen pest control professional in Bridgewater today so you and your family enjoy a pest-free summer in peace.