Bridgewater Pest Control : Take back your Yard from Mosquitoes and Ticks

Take back your Yard from Mosquitoes and Ticks 2

While ridding your house of pests is certainly a worthwhile endeavour, homeowners must not forget to address the critters roaming around their yard. Namely, mosquitoes and ticks may breed throughout your lawn, potentially causing just as many problems as indoor pests might. Consider some key information that may help you better understand the dangers associated with mosquitoes and ticks, as well as how pest control in Bridgewater may be able to protect you and your family.

What Is So Bad About Mosquitoes and Ticks?

For many people living in and around Bridgewater, mosquitoes are a well-known nuisance. These flying insects can locate humans and animals by detecting their exhaled carbon dioxide. Female mosquitoes consume blood in order to produce eggs, frequently leaving victims with an itchy, raised patch of skin at the bite site.

While it is true that mosquitoes fulfill an important role in the ecosystem by providing food to fish, bats, insects, and other organisms, the risks they present may outweigh their benefits when it comes to your backyard. Primarily mosquitoes are notorious for spreading diseases. In Bridgewater, the most common disease mosquitoes carry is West Nile Virus, though they transmit Yellow Fever and Malaria in other areas.

Tick bites can also cause people to become ill. Lyme disease is the main health concern associated with ticks. This sickness can have long-term neurological effects. In the short term, initial symptoms of Lyme disease include a rash shaped like a bull’s eye, a fever, fatigue, and a stiff neck.

When Are You Most at Risk?

Fortunately, mosquitoes and ticks are not active to the same degree during all seasons. The larva of mosquitoes generally matures in April or May. As the heat becomes more intense later in the summer, their populations often begin to dwindle. Thus, Bridgewater residents should be on the lookout for mosquitoes mainly between May and August. During the winter, mosquitos are largely absent because females hibernate and their eggs remain dormant.

Mosquitos thrive in moderately warm, humid environments where there is stagnant water available. For this reason, you can expect to find increased mosquito activity at night and in damp areas.

Similarly, you are most likely to encounter ticks anytime it is not freezing, mainly in the spring or summer months. Whereas mosquitoes are attracted to moisture, ticks tend to make homes in well-hidden areas, such as in tall grass or places with thick underbrush.

How Can Truly Nolen Canada Help?

At Truly Nolen Canada, we take a holistic approach to pushing mosquitoes and ticks off your property. For one thing, we can help you identify aspects of your lawn that may be especially welcoming to these unwanted pests. For instance, you may wish to address water drainage problems so puddles do not form near your home. It is also wise to deter mosquitoes and ticks from biting you by applying insect repellent and wearing clothing that offers maximal skin coverage. To tackle the problem head-on, we offer treatments in both liquid and granule forms. As far as mosquito removal, our strategy prevents larva from developing and adding to the existing pest population.

When you partner with your local Truly Nolen Canada in Bridgewater, you can expect your pest problem to be handled thoroughly. We provide quarterly treatments during the peak mosquito and tick season. We even check back in on a month-to-month basis to ensure the issue is under control.

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The presence of mosquitoes and ticks has the potential to seriously detract from your enjoyment of your outdoor property. If you are ready to get rid of these pests so your family can make the most of the warmer months, give us a call today to learn more about our tick and mosquito removal services.