Can Bed Bugs Survive Winter’s Cold Spells?

The blessings of the icy cold Canadian winters have been thought of as the solution for getting rid of bed bugs, but have not provided the necessary satisfaction of getting rid of these blood-sucking bugs. Bed bug removal through the use of cold weather is not the answer that many people hope to hear, and that we will get into a little more as we go on. Bed bugs are hardy little creatures and have the ability to survive even the coldest conditions, as cold as -25C, so long as they have something to eat during this period. As most of them feed in warmer indoor environments, bed bugs seem to have no problem when it comes to reproducing and spreading their numbers.

Will Freezing Cold Weather Kill Bed Bugs?

A study conducted by the University of Minnesota revealed that bed bugs have the ability to switch into a hibernation state in times of extreme cold. This is done to increase their chances of survival during the cold, and they can survive for short period under these extreme conditions. The study further showed that through a prolonged period of extreme cold, roughly 80 hours or more, bed bugs, their nymphs and their eggs can be successfully eradicated through these freezing temperatures.

Using Your Freezer

Making use of freezing temperatures to rid yourself and your stuff of bed bugs is a semi-practical method at best, that has shown some results if done properly and for a long enough period of time. Using your freezer to rid your home of bed bugs does come with some necessary rules that should be followed to get the most out of using it. Firstly, items should be placed inside a sealed plastic bag to prevent them from escaping and spreading, as well as to protect your goods. Second, and most important to the process, your items have reached a temperature of -18C and remain at that temperature for at least 4 days. If this is not done, the bed bugs will live to bite another day, guaranteed.

Using the Weather to Your Advantage

When it comes to the art of bed bug removal, leaving your bedding and clothing outside and exposed to the elements in winter is not going to be the answer you are looking for. Fluctuations in the temperature outside are not going to allow it to get sufficiently cold for any significant length of time to allow the bed bugs and their eggs to be killed off. Not to mention the damaging effects that the elements are going to have on your belongings. Damaging your valuable household items simply to get rid of some bed bugs is simply not the answer.

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