Carpenter Ants: Silent House Destroyers

Carpenter Ants- Silent House Destroyers

One of the greatest threats to your home’s structure and safety is a silent destroyer. The small, unassuming carpenter ant can compromise the stability of wood structures throughout your home. Learn more about the dangers of a carpenter ant infestation and how Truly Nolen provides effective carpenter ant pest control in Niagara.

What Are Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants in their natural environment live in rotting wood. They use their powerful jaws to bore into wood to create a home for their colony. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood. Instead, they use their jaws to bore out a nest and dispose of the extra wood.

The most common causes of an infestation are water leaks. Water damage creates soft, moist wood in your home that carpenter ants love. These ants don’t typically make nests in dry, sound structures, but they have been known to bore into healthy, dry wood.

Look for carpenter ants in the structural elements of your home or wood furniture. Have a professional inspect your home before carpenter ants cause significant damage. Here are common areas around your home that are ideal for these pests:

  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Walls
  • Under bathtubs
  • Inside cabinets
  • Inside cardboard boxes

While moist wood is their preferred habitat, carpenter ants have also been known to make nests in fiberglass insulation, foam, and drywall. Hot tubs, in particular, are popular places that combine some of their favourite materials.

How Do They Destroy Homes?

Over time, these ants are known to cause devastating damage to homes. There are two primary reasons they are considered so dangerous: They create large, connected tunnels, and they are very tidy. Carpenter ant colonies create massive tunnel systems throughout wood structures. These tunnels can compromise the structural integrity of your entire home. Small colonies can damage furniture and decking, while large colonies can damage your subflooring and foundation.

The best way to protect your home is to prevent an infestation and quickly remove any ants in your home. Unfortunately, it can be hard to spot the signs of an infestation. Because they remove the sawdust and other materials from the entrance of their nests, it can be months or years before the signs are obvious. Thankfully, a professional pest control technician from Truly Nolen can assist you in spotting the signs of an infestation.

What Are the Signs of an Infestation?

While carpenter ants attempt to remove most of the debris, or frass, from the entrances of their nests, you can still spot signs of activity. Look for small holes in wood or fiberglass materials around your home with these materials nearby:

  • Sawdust
  • Insect parts
  • Dead ants
  • Soil

Frass is the most common sign of an infestation. A large colony of carpenter ants will have multiple entrances and windows to let out leftover materials, so over time, this sign will become more obvious. Listen carefully for rustling sounds in your walls or ceiling. This is typically a sign of an extensive infestation, but you can sometimes hear the sounds of carpenter ants moving, chewing, and living in your home.

The swarming season brings about large amounts of male carpenter ants around light fixtures and windows. This usually happens in the spring. It may not point directly to the location of a colony, but it can let you know that there are carpenter ants near your home.

Can Carpenter Ants Be Prevented?

Thankfully, carpenter ants are a preventable and removable nuisance. Work with our team at Truly Nolen Pest Control for quality carpenter ant pest control in Niagara, Ontario. Schedule an inspection today to have a professional inspect your property. Once carpenter ants are discovered, our team uses safe, effective removal and prevention strategies to protect your home.