Commercial Pest Control: Preparing For Pests This Fall

Preparing For Pests This Fall

As you prepare your business for the coming winter months, remember you are not alone. Pests also make preparations for the cold weather and search for places to create their safe winter haven. Pests usually begin showing up in more significant numbers outside your business, but as the temperature drops, you’ll soon be sharing an indoor space with plenty if you’re not careful. Find out how to pest-proof your business with the help of commercial pest control in Niagara.


Insects and rodents will find any way they can to enter your business space for a warm winter retreat. Doing an exterior check will help identify any potential entrances. Because special equipment is sometimes necessary to identify possible pests entryways, calling Truly Nolen’s professionals will expedite this process. Pests often return to the same areas. Be sure to clear areas so that professionals can have full access to examine the following:

  • Exposed foundation 
  • Vents and ducts 
  • Utility hookups  
  • Doors and windows 
  • Loading docks 
  • Break rooms
  • Trash chutes


The best defence against a pest infestation is a year-round effort of cleanliness and routine expectations. Schedule a cleaning routine that includes monitoring “hotspot” areas where pests are known to frequent. Be sure that employees know expectations for cleaning up after themselves and others as a standard. It is also essential to keep in mind and train employees that crumbs are not the only thing that attracts pests. Though crumbs, leftover foods, and trash are problematic, unclean areas with protein buildup or residue will also attract unwanted visitors. 


The top three ways to help secure the exterior of your building are with maintenance, landscaping, and designated trash areas. 

  •  Routine maintenance 

While a professional service is beneficial for identifying areas that are hard to reach and see, there are ways that you can monitor the security of your building throughout the year. Schedule a routine maintenance check-in once a quarter, inspecting the building for any holes, cracks, or unkempt landscaping that could present future problems. 

  •  Landscaping considerations 

Commercial landscaping is an essential aspect of customer interaction for businesses, but it can be detrimental when housing pests. Work with both landscaping professionals and pest control specialists to ensure you can maintain curb appeal while protecting your building. Ground cover and bushes should be planted away from the building by at least one to two feet, with enough room for a professional to assess the area for pest control.

  • Lock trash down 

Any exterior trash containers should be emptied daily and routinely cleaned. Pests are attracted to the residue from the trash. Secure all building trash in an external trash location by at least 10 feet away from the building, preferably more. Secure the trash location with a gate or door and should be regularly cleaned to prevent pests. Be sure that your trash contract includes regular removal to avoid overflow. 


Professionals have been called. Landscapers have been consulted. A maintenance crew has secured the exterior of the building. Including pest control and prevention in your employee training is the next step; this is beneficial for all industries, not only food service-oriented businesses. Outlining what to look for and what steps to take if pests are identified can help mitigate the problem from the start at any time of year. 


The professionals at Truly Nolen can inspect your building and the exterior for any evidence of pests. They can work with you to assess what can be improved to ensure your business is pest-free this fall and prevent future problems. If you already have a problem and the pests have made one home into another, and now it’s an infestation, we have professionals specifically skilled at pest removal. 

To schedule an inspection or to report an infestation that requires professional attention, contact Truly Nolen in Niagara today.