How you can make pest problems worse by trying to solve them yourself.

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Not properly dealing with pests can prolong the infestation. It’s not about killing the rodents or insects you’re seeing right now. It’s about controlling it from happening again. There’s tons of things people do wrong when trying DIY pest removal.

Improper research.

Before starting any sort of pest removal make sure to do plenty of research. You should know a lot about the species you’re dealing with. Also, it’s crucial to properly identify the pest. There’s many types of insects. Each one has different dangers and removal strategies.

As well, you could be buying different commercial poisons. You’re spending money and it could be on products that don’t even work. Or you could purchase something that is a health risk. Before beginning any pest control you need to have a deep knowledge of the problem and everything involved.

Proceeding without addressing the cause.

It’s important to find where the problem is coming from. Spraying random ants you discover only deters one or two. You’ll be a fool to think that’s every insect in your home. Look for unsealed gaps in foundation, windows and doors. Pests can easily crawl through the tiniest hole.

Seal the entry points. Doing this you’re trapping the infestation inside. Preventing other pest from using the same entrance. If you don’t seal it you can go in circles forever with no noticeable reduction in the problem.

Unsafe practices.

Pesticides and other methods can be health risk to you and your family. Without the proper know-how you may be poisoning the household. These are all toxic substances and when ingested can create huge concern.

Pets and children don’t know the difference between bait and food. They could eat the poison and have negative effects. If this happens you need to contact medical care right away.

Bad baiting practices.

You could spend hundreds of dollars on poisons, baits and traps with absolutely no positive results. There’s certain places where baits are the most useful. Without this knowledge you can be wasting your time and money.

You need to place baits where pests are frequently travelling. So, mice would be behind the wall or in dark corners. You’ll also need to understand the life cycle of rodents and insects. You could kill adults, but there’s babies developing somewhere else. The infestation will never stop.

Merrickville pest control.

It’s best to contact a pest control professional. They already have the knowledge to properly remove any intruders. If you discover evidence of pest infestation reach out to Truly Nolen Pest Control.