Do-it-yourself bed bug removal.

Sometimes do-it-yourself is the only option. Bed bugs can be gross and annoying. You probably want them out your house as soon as possible. But, bed bugs can quickly spread. Attaching themselves to luggage and clothing. It’s important to isolate the problem. Try not to track bugs through your home. First you must find the little crawlers though.

Spotting bed bugs.

Red stains on sheets or mattresses can be the first sign of bed bug infestation. When you lay down many bugs are crushed. When checking for bed bugs remove sheets and look in the seams of the mattress. Small dark spots could be bed bug excrement. Tiny pale yellow skins are eggs or egg shells. You might also see a live bed bug.

Bed bug removal.

Identify the problem. Make sure you’ve correctly identified the pest, where they are and if there’s multiple locations.

Develop a strategy. Look at all your options. Keep records of sightings including date and locations. This should take place over long-term.

Stop the infestation. Isolate any major problems. Remove fabrics and place them in tightly sealed plastic bags. Vacuum, but remove the dust and dirt right after.

Do research. Look up everything you can about bed bugs. It’ll help you do the treatment and prevention that works best for you.

Kill the bed bugs. There’s plenty of pesticides and commercial chemicals to control the problem. But, sometimes it’s best to look into other options. Heat like clothes dry, black plastic bag in the sun or hair dryer. Cold treatment in a place under freezing. Repeat treatments as necessary.

What to do after they’re gone.

It’s important to monitor the infested area for a long period of time. You could have missed some or bed bugs could come back. The best thing to do is replace any items where multiple bed bugs were found.

Bed bug prevention.

– Before unpacking from a trip check for bedbugs.
– Wash clothes from trip.
– Keep your home clean.
– Be cautious bringing in used furniture or clothing.
– Call a professional.

St. Catharine’s bed bug control.

If doing-it-yourself doesn’t appeal to you then it might be best to call the professionals. Truly Nolen can help remove any infestation.