Do Mice Come Out During The Day

Do Mice Come Out During The Day

Many homeowners are unaware that mice are primarily nocturnal animals. They sometimes assume, therefore, that mice are simply so good at hiding that catching a glimpse of one during the day is difficult. Those searching for the home rodent control Waterloo has available are often tipped off to the presence of mice by a single daytime sighting. Unfortunately, such sightings can be a sign of a much larger infestation.

When Can Mice Be Seen During the Day?

A major advantage of being a mammal is the ability to choose when to be active and when to rest. Since the time of the dinosaurs, mammals have altered their schedules to avoid dangers presented to them by larger animals. Though almost all mammals have a specific period during which they prefer to gather food, water, and other resources, their warm blood allows them to remain active whenever necessary. Mice are no exception to this rule, and may sometimes be seen during the day.

If you saw a mouse in your home during the day, the animal you spotted was likely desperate in one way or another, since venturing out as a rodent is very risky. In human environments, cats, dogs and people pose considerable threats to mice and rats. Outdoors, birds of prey, foxes and coyotes are excellent rodent hunters. Generally, mice are only seen in the daylight in response to a disturbed nest or a severe shortage of food or water. Because either condition can result from increased competition between mice, this may be a sign that there are many other animals in your home.

How Do I Know if I Have an Infestation?

When you see a mouse in your home during the day, you should take steps to determine whether you have a significant infestation. Common signs of an infestation include droppings, urine, mouse prints in food, gnawed containers and multiple sightings. In many cases, mice emit a musty odour. Sometimes, small entrance and exit holes between human spaces and drywall or cabinets can be found relatively easily. Mouse nests, consisting of scraps of paper, wood or cloth, are perhaps the most obvious sign of an infestation.

Mice are among the most adaptable and fertile mammals on the planet. Mothers have a gestation period of as little as 19 days and can become pregnant as often as 10 times a year to litters of three to 14 pups. Including the time the mother needs to spend nurturing her pups, a single couple can produce up to 60 mice per year. Young mice are capable of reproducing after only a single month of life, resulting in thousands of new mice per year under ideal conditions. Catching an infestation early is crucial. When in doubt, contact an expert.

What Should I Do if I Have an Infestation?

While it is possible that your unwanted intruders are simply passing through, it is highly unlikely. If you find any obvious entryways for rodents, you should seal them to the best of your ability. Since you almost certainly won’t find all of the entrances present in your house, you should contact an expert in pest control immediately. At Truly Nolen, we can find potential entry and exit points, seal them and eliminate pests from your home.

Catching a mouse in the act of infiltrating your pantry can be a disconcerting experience. A daytime sighting doesn’t mean your home is lost to rodents, but it is a sign that you should act. If you live in Waterloo, Ontario, contact Truly Nolen today. With over 80 years of pest control experience, we know how to manage rodent infestations to keep your home or business safe and secure.