Do Mild Winters Mean More Carpenter Ants?

Milder winters may feel like a welcome break from the colder, more familiar Canadian winter conditions. These milder conditions are the perfect conditions however for the early entry of carpenter ants into your home. During the cold winter months, homeowners get a slight reprieve from carpenter ants as they enter their dormant state for the year. The milder winter conditions, however, get these little wood munchers up and active earlier in the year, leading you to take earlier, and more decisive action against these property damaging pests. Residential pest control services warn homeowners to address issues that make it ideal for carpenter ants. Conditions such as leaky pipes and windows, puddles of water, condensation, and poor air movement conditions mention a few. Keeping any tree branches and hedges clear of your home is another preventative measure that has proven to be rather effective in the fight against carpenter ants.

Usually making their appearance in the early spring, somewhere around April, carpenter ant calls have seen a dramatic increase since the onset of these milder winter conditions. It is important to note that if during the spring you are seeing the regular appearance of carpenter ants, chances are that you already have them nesting somewhere inside your home. Here are some of the sure-fire signs that your home is the home of some carpenter ants that have been there for some time:


  • Flying Ants – If you have flying ants in your home, it means that you have a colony nearby that has most likely been around for a period of time. These flying ants are the breeders of the colony, emerging in our home in spring to show you their presence.


  • Piles of Sawdust – Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat the wood that they use. While excavating galleries for their larvae, carpenter ants discard the wood shavings they have carved out to make space for their young. They simply shift the shavings out of their way into a neat, organized pile.
  • Five or more – If you happen to notice at least 5 or more carpenter ants in your home during the day, then you may just have a problem. A number like this tends to suggest that they are not making their home out under the pavement, but rather right under your feet.

The Damage They Can Cause

Carpenter ants have the uncanny ability to create a wealth of destruction if given enough time and opportunity. Nesting for years in the same house, these little wood munchers can cause your property thousands in structural damage, and can even cause you to replace the entire worn-down structure. Without the use of residential pest control services, building contractors may not even start a renovation project involving carpenter ants. The problem needs to be completely eradicated in order for re-building to proceed. Carpenter ants can be a real pain the neck for Canadian homeowners, causing problems at every turn, and potentially costing thousands in damage and repair work. A reliable pest control professional is what is needed.

Truly Nolen Pest Control Professionals

Taking control of your home and its occupants is not something that is easily achieved on your own. The new and intense struggles that come standard with any residential pest control situation are in need of some expert advice and execution if they are to be done correctly. Truly Nolen’s residential pest control services have, for more than 50 years, been the pride of North American pest control, and have carved ourselves a unique foothold in the Canadian pest control market. Getting the job done right is what we do, so why not put us to work for you.