Expert Advice When It Comes To Bed Bug Infestations

Expert Advice When It Comes To Bed Bug Infestations

One of the most difficult infestations to combat is bed bugs. Whether you believe you have these pests in your home or business location, learn more about bed bug treatment Niagara. At Truly Nolen, we encounter bed bugs in a wide range of situations, so we’re confident in passing on this expert advice when it comes to infestations.

Communicate the Signs of an Infestation

Many homeowners and business professionals don’t want to think about bed bugs, thinking that they may leave on their own. These tiny pests are often, and incorrectly, associated with unhygienic individuals and buildings. This association prevents open, honest discussion about the signs of an infestation. End the stigma around your property by discussing the signs. Be sure that your entire household or business understands the signs and symptoms of bed bugs. 

Honest communication can help spot the earliest signs of bed bugs and prevent them from spreading to other buildings. Open communication can include the signs of bed bug bites and bed bug homes. Have everyone in your household periodically inspect themselves for signs of bites and inspect their mattresses for signs of bed bugs. Look for signs around your couches and other upholstered furniture.

Spot the Signs of Similar Pests

Bed bugs have a flat oval shape and brownish hue. Unfortunately, there are several other insects that look remarkably similar to bed bugs. The common features of this insect can make it confusing to determine the true infestation.

One commonly misidentified pest is carpet beetle larva. This small larva looks similar to bed bugs and even causes similar small red marks on your skin. Be sure to look for the few distinctions of these two pests to prevent misidentification.

First, carpet beetle larva doesn’t actually bite individuals. They eat discarded skin cells and hair follicles. Once they’ve grown, they shed their skin, and this friction is what causes the red marks that look very similar to bed bug bites. Another difference is in the infestation. Carpet beetles don’t reside in your mattress, clothing, and other areas in the same way as bed bugs. This means that, although these larva are an inconvenience, they don’t cause the same level of infestation as bed bugs.

Prevention Is More Than Routine Cleaning

Bed bugs don’t care about cleanliness. While these troublesome insects seem to appear more often in less-than-tidy homes, a clean home won’t protect you from an infestation. Cleaning your room may help you spot the signs of bed bugs in your carpet, clothing, or mattress, but this task won’t completely prevent bed bugs from making their home on your property.

Instead, ask a professional technician at Truly Nolen about prevention strategies. Sealing tiny cracks and treating your bed are effective techniques that can remove existing insects and prevent future infestation.

Ask your local Truly Nolen professional more about proper prevention techniques. Our bed bug services use high-pressure misting and seam-filling techniques to prevent the travel of bed bugs. We use safe products that allow you to safely enjoy your home without worrying about bugs, bites, and infestations.

An Infestation Happens Quickly

You need to act immediately if you see a single bed bug. These tiny insects reproduce quickly and typically travel in numbers. Spotting a bed bug in your home typically means there are much more hiding nearby.

Turn to Truly Nolen Pest Control for more professional advice about bed bugs. If you believe you’ve spotted one in your home or professional building, schedule an inspection immediately. Truly Nolen Niagara provides thorough inspections, removal, and prevention services. Prevention requires active monitoring and professional assistance, so work with us to keep bed bugs safely away from your home or commercial building.