Halifax Pest Control: What are Mice up to In the Fall?



If you live in Halifax or anywhere in Nova Scotia, you know there are many mice and rats living in our neighbourhoods. As the Summer season ends and Fall begins, mice, rats and other rodents are seeking warm shelter. Unfortunately for homeowners, this means they may have unwanted guests this fall. Our Truly Nolen Pest Control Team regularly sees an increase in calls about mice in homes during the autumn months.

Your home can offer warmth and protection to a colony of mice. To help prevent mice in your home this fall, get in touch with our rodent removal specialists that can help to prevent mice before they enter your home.

Warmth and Shelter

As the temperatures outside start to drop, mice seek warmth and shelter. They instinctually know when the fall season is approaching. Mice tend to seek refuge in a place where they can hide and rear their young in safety. Mice like to make their nests in houses where the human activity is at the lowest. So, they seek out places where they are least likely to be disturbed to create their nest. This often includes basements, attics, closets, and behind the walls.

Once a mouse finds a way into your home, they will get to work on building a nest. Unfortunately, nesting mice can spread droppings and harmful pathogens around your home. Mouse droppings can not only be unsightly, but they also transmit disease. For that reason, properly removing rodent feces and urine is extremely important.

Five Litters a Year

A female mouse can give birth to five litters a year, with each litter having 5 to 14 offspring. On average, this means one female mouse will give birth to around 40 mice. You can see how one rodent can quickly turn into hundreds in a short time. This is why an infestation of rodents is one of the most destructive, devastating, and dangerous things that can happen to your home. So, time is of the essence for removal. 

It is essential to target populations when they are small. Our effective rodent control strategy typically involves sanitation, rodent-proofing, and population reduction. 

How Do They Get In?

During the cooler weather, mice will look for entry points to an appealing indoor space. Entry points can include tiny holes in walls and cracks between windows. During the change of each season, it is a good idea to take the time to seal up any potential points of entry for rodents and insects.

On the Hunt for Food

Once a mouse has acquired shelter in your home, it will now be on the hunt for food. Mice are the ultimate scavengers and will go through your garbage, steal from your pantry, and even get into your pet’s food. They are not picky eaters and will consume just about anything. Lookout for chew marks on packaging or rodent feces in corners. Finding little droppings that look like black or brown grains of rice is a dead giveaway you have a rodent problem and need urgent, professional rodent removal.

For pest control in Halifax, Truro, and Bridgewater contact our specialists. We understand that a rodent problem can give homeowners a feeling of frustration and extreme anxiety. Truly Nolen offers advanced rodent control techniques and we are a local leader in mice and rat control services.  Our Rodent Control Program includes an intensive one-time set-up service and bi-monthly technician visits to assess and refresh trap and baiting requirements. With the help of our friendly and experienced team, your home and family will be safe and protected. Contact our team today and take advantage of our free inspection!