Hide and Seek: Knowing Common Cockroach Spots for Pest Control

Furniture inside a kitchen

To most people cockroaches are really disgusting but they are also transmitters of several diseases. It’s not unusual to see them in your bathroom and kitchen as there are plenty of good  hiding spots. You can be assured that once you catch a glimpse of one in your home, there will be others close by.

A cockroach infestation is an ugly business, but with the availability of workable pest control measures, you can stop them from occupying your house.  Here are the most common vacationing spots in your home for cockroaches.  

Different Areas Cockroaches like to Hide

Appliances: Yes, those useful gadgets in your kitchen that make your life easier sadly are, the breeding ground for cockroaches. The refrigerator and stove have small spaces that offer these pesky pests a favourable environment. Water heaters are one of their favourite hideouts, usually because of the water and warmth; two of the factors that encourage the cockroach population.  

Your small appliances do provide a haven for these six-legged, crawling, flying critters. They love to hide under or behind blenders, microwaves and coffee makers. In shaking out the breadcrumbs from your toaster you might very well be shaking out these crawlers that might be scavenging for food.

Cleaning countertops after meals, washing dishes, and cleaning the underside of appliances will prevent cockroaches from becoming a bigger problem.  In addition, frequent mopping and vacuuming, taking out the trash and keeping sink drains and traps free of food particles are effective preventative pest control measures you can use to eliminate a cockroach infestation.

Cabinets: Cockroaches have the ability to take up residence any place they choose to in your house, and believe it or not, your cabinets are one of those places. Your pantry may not be damp and warm but the fact that it’s your storage area for food, these sneaky pests will invade your cupboards searching for any food spillage inside there.

To keep them out your pantry, just ensure you do regular cleanings of your cupboards and pantry so these crawlers won’t find them attractive. Furthermore, store grains, pastas, biscuits and other dry food items such as flour in tightly covered containers.

Electronics: If you have ever eaten a snack while working at your computer, it’s quite likely that you have spilled some crumbs during the process. Yes, crumbs of food can get in between and also under the keys. Unthinkable as it may seem, cockroaches can still get in those tiny spaces. Actually, there are species of cockroaches that are small enough to use your computer as their base. The easiest way to fix this is to avoid snacking around your computer.

Pipes: Cockroaches love dark places especially under sinks or in basements. Dripping or leaking pipes provide the moisture that encourages cockroach infestation. Check your faucets, pipes, and drains for leaks or drips. Seal holes and cracks found in plumbing areas that lead outdoors to limit their access.

Furniture: Your couch may be your favourite spot when you need to relax, but cockroaches also love to camp out there. Although sitting on your couch and snacking while watching a movie can be quite relaxing, if crumbs fall cockroaches will take up residence and lay their eggs there. You can prevent this by vacuuming your upholstered furnishing regularly and inspecting wood furniture.

Avoid cockroach infestations in your home by getting rid of piled up debris, which attracts these crawlers. If you are overwhelmed due to cockroaches in your home, then there’s no need “to throw your hands in the air” in defeat. Truly Nolen pest control experts can advise you on the best treatment measures needed for total elimination. Truly Nolen technicians are trained and can inspect your home and offer a pest control strategy customized just for you.