Hiding Places for Ants in Your Home

Hiding Places for Ants in Your Home

Ants can be pesky little creatures that invade your picnics and your pantry. Even if you haven’t seen any marching through your home, there’s a chance they’re tucked away somewhere, hiding. As your carpenter ant pest control Guelph professionals, we’ll help you determine whether you have an ant problem.

Look Around the Windows and Doors

Many windows and door frames begin to rot due to excessive exposure to moisture. Especially if you’re dealing with carpenter ants and others that burrow through wood, you may find them hiding out in the crevices and cavities of that rotted wood. One sign this is happening is if you notice a small pile of sawdust near the windows or doors.

Consider Your Walls

The National Pest Management Association has stated that 73% of ant infestations are within the walls of your home. Carpenter ants chew through the wood, spitting it out into a pile on the floor, so you might notice a dusting of tiny wood shavings in different areas around your home. Inside the walls, the ants are safe and protected. 

Think About Your Insulation

If your home contains foam insulation, it’s possible ants are burrowing through it and making nests inside. While this is harder to detect on your own, the professionals at Truly Nolen in Guelph can help! It’s important that we are able to detect this problem as soon as possible, so your insulation doesn’t degrade to the point at which it becomes ineffective and needs to be replaced.

Inspect Your Foundation

Several kinds of ants will build nests in and around the foundation of your home. If they have access to pet food or human food in your kitchen or your back porch, they may go back and forth through cracks in the flooring while living and nesting under a cement slab. You might see nests near the foundation, or you might notice small piles of dirt or sawdust near a crack.

Examine the HVAC Unit

About 37% of ant colonies are actually found in heating and air conditioning units. Most likely, you’ll notice the ants coming and going from the HVAC unit, so it might be obvious you’ve got a problem.

Check Inside of and Behind Cabinets

Both in your kitchen and your bathroom, you should check inside of and behind your cabinets. If the ants have access to water or food in either of these rooms, they’ll want to nest nearby, and the crack behind a cabinet is the perfect location. Sometimes there’s also a crack in the wall behind the cabinet, and they could make their way all the way through to seek a more protected nesting area. If this is the case, it might take spotting the ants themselves for you to know there’s a problem.

Survey Your Landscape

If you have trees with imperfections and holes where the ants can get in and out, they might begin a nest in your trees. You might also find they have made nests for colonies in a garden, under a pile of rotting logs, under a decorative rock or in other areas around your landscape. Some signs of an ant issue in your yard include:

  • Small anthills or bumps in your lawn
  • A pile of fine dirt between cracks in the sidewalk
  • Ants crawling around the garden
  • Brown spots in your lawn
  • An infestation of aphids (they feed on ants)

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