Holiday Cockroaches: Common Pest Control Issues

As the winter season starts to roll in and we are entering into the holiday season, cockroaches throughout Canada are starting to make their way to warmer and more bountiful locations, A.K.A, your house. With the temperature dropping, these vile pests are in the mood for something a little warmer. A winter rest stop where they can live, eat, drink, and breed during the winter season, without the risk of freezing to death.

For years cockroaches have been able to survive off of the bare minimum, and as the holiday season rolls towards us, these guys have hit the motherload when it comes to their winter treats. Busier kitchens, larger amounts of food, more mess, and less care are the ideal recipe for a cockroach infestation. Sneaking behind fridges, under stoves and kitchen sinks, and the drain pipes in your kitchen and bathroom, this is one pest control issue that would need to be addressed quickly.

Prevention is best when it comes to dealing with roaches, as once they are in, it can be a real challenge to get all of them out. Aside from that, the additional health risks that they bring to any area they infest is an added risk neither you, nor your family can afford to take. Especially during the holidays. Living in those especially hard to reach places, and feeding off any holiday leftovers and crumbs that may be laying around, the conditions for breeding are ideal, and will be taken advantage of, hence the need for some quality pest control.

Where They Like to Live

During the cold winter months, roaches are in search of warmth, food, and water, and have the uncanny ability to find these needs in more places than you could imagine. Now although we all know that roaches love the trash, they are looking for a place to stay warm and produce offspring, which brings up the fact that for every one you see, there are likely more hiding out somewhere close by. Here are just a few spots around the home that cockroaches like to spend their time.

  1. Areas of the home that have leaks are a very likely spot for a roach hideout. Moist areas especially around the kitchen and bathroom, are going to be a hotspot for roach activity.
  2. Nesting in piles of old garbage, clothing, and boxes is another favourite of theirs, as well as old books, piles of papers, grocery bags, and just about anything that likes to clutter and create a mess around the house, basement, or attic.
  3. In and around your kitchen appliances, anywhere they may be leftover food scraps nearby. Nesting in and behind the refrigerator and deep freeze, and similarly in your oven and under your stove.

The prevention of roaches invading your home is something that is going to need attention. It is important to be aware of areas in your home that are prone to problems in order to keep the health of your family protected and in-tact. Calling your Truly Nolen professional pest control technician is the easiest thing you can do to save your home from these unwelcomed holiday guests.

The Truly Nolen Solution

To formulate the perfect cockroach extermination strategy takes time, experience, and a knowledge of cockroaches. The various species of cockroaches all reacting differently to the different tactics used, some species proving to be a little harder than others. Using only environmentally conscious products and an approach to pest control that is one-of-a-kind, Truly Nolen’s expert technicians are assured to get the job done right, first time. So you and your family can enjoy the family holiday season uninhibited by any breach in your home’s sanitation and pest prevention security tactics.