How Do You Get Rid of Mice in Summer?

How Do You Get Rid of Mice in Summer

The summer months often lead to an increase in rodent activity and a need for mice removal services. No homeowner or business owner should attempt rodent removal alone; a professional service can eliminate infestations safely in a timely and cost-effective manner.

While mice may seem tiny and non-threatening, the rodents can cause extensive damage to a property, including structural. Also, the animals may increase the risks of fires because of their need to chew.

If you believe your property has a rodent infestation, contact a qualified pest control service as soon as possible. Businesses and homeowners should be aware of signs of infestations and prevention strategies to keep properties free of critters.

Identifying Mouse Infestation Signs

Depending on the size of a rodent infestation, it can be highly noticeable or hard to detect. In the early stages of infestations, property owners may only notice subtle sounds coming from the walls in the evening. As the numbers multiply, property owners may begin to see signs, such as droppings or grease trails along the baseboards, the aroma of urine or ammonia, and chew marks on wood, pantry staples, or wiring.

As the signs multiply and become more evident, the mouse population is growing. Mice reproduce rapidly, and it takes only a few months for a population of a few to jump to a few hundred or more. Pest control is essential to limiting the damage to property.

Eliminating Entry Points

Instead of learning how to get rid of mice using DIY methods, which are ineffective, call on professionals. Pest control professionals will seal entry points, install one-way exits, and possibly use traps to make quick work of rodent removal.

Many times, DIYers create more problems than they fix. They may seal entries before eliminating the infestation, effectively trapping all mice inside a structure. The preventable mistakes eventually lead to the most costs and often more significant repairs.

Practicing Proper Sanitation

For property owners who want to be proactive, practicing proper sanitation techniques is better than using DIY pest control methods. Like all animals, mice are drawn to shelter, water, and food. As a property owner, your job is to limit access to the essentials of life. When a property doesn’t offer easy access to food and water sources, rodents and other critters are less likely to invade.

Owners, residents, or staff should keep spaces clean and tidy. Mice can make a feast from crumbs or open trash cans. Also, the animals love to hide in and around clutter. Ensuring spaces are swept, vacuumed, and washed regularly is an excellent way to keep infestations at bay.

Also, keep outdoor wildlife feeders to a minimum, and keep a well-manicured lawn. Bird feeders offer plenty of food for mice, and tall grass provides adequate cover and protection from predators.

Contacting Professional Services

A residential pest control company is the best option to ensure your property remains free and clear of rodents. The service can provide four-season protection and advice to protect against an initial invasion. Still, more importantly, it can make quick work of an existing problem, ensuring business interruptions are kept to a minimum or that a house remains safe and healthy for its residents.

If you have a rodent problem or want to avoid one, contact Truly Nolen Canada to discuss its pest control services. Truly Nolen is a trusted service and member of the community, and it employs only qualified technicians. At the first call, the company will send a team to your property to assess the situation and provide possible solutions. Your safety and health are the service’s ultimate priority and concern.