How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Apartment Building

How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Apartment Building

How do you remove one of the most resilient pests from your apartment building? If you believe you have cockroaches in your apartments, then it’s time to turn to commercial pest control in Kitchener. Explore the dangers of an infestation and why you need professional removal strategies. Create a safe, pest-free building for all of your tenants, whether you own a few units or a multi-building apartment complex.

Dangers of a Cockroach Infestation in an Apartment Building

These intrusive pests breed quickly and can hide in incredibly small spaces. A single female cockroach can produce up to 200 eggs in a lifetime, and most cockroach eggs are resistant to pesticides thanks to a protective coating.

Cockroaches are known carriers of diseases and bacteria. Any of these pests in your apartment building may have come in contact with garbage or feces before entering your building. They can spread salmonella, coliform, streptococci and other diseases through airborne particles from droppings.

Because roaches hide in small spaces and only come out at night, they can be very difficult to spot. It may take some time to notice an infestation, and it may be more extensive than you realize once you finally notice cockroaches.

Tips for Preventing Cockroaches

These troublesome pests are attracted by food. They also love small, warm spaces. Unfortunately, all of these are readily available in apartment buildings. As a building owner, your tenants look to you to keep their apartments free from cockroaches and other pests.

There are some steps that your tenants can take, but you’re ultimately responsible for maintaining a pest-free building. Work with a local pest control team to identify prevention and removal steps that keep your tenants safe and free from worries about roaches.

Don’t wait until roaches move between apartments and infest the entire building, but act quickly before the first signs of an infestation. Here are some key ways you can prevent roaches in your building:

  • Seal any exterior cracks
  • Remove any trash from the building
  • Place dumpsters away from apartment buildings
  • Schedule thorough cleanings of common areas
  • Ask tenants to be proactive about removing trash and cleaning their units
  • Schedule routine pest control services

Scheduling pest control services is the best way to keep your apartment building free from roaches and other pests. Other strategies can discourage these unwanted tenants, but only professional solutions can address the many issues that may attract cockroaches. See how an expert team can help you remove roaches from your property and prevent them from returning.

How To Remove Cockroaches From an Apartment Building

It may be too late to prevent an infestation in your commercial building. If you’re already receiving reports of roaches, then it’s time to turn to removal strategies. Removing these tough pests can be even more challenging than preventing them, so it’s best to choose a professional team to help you take on this situation.

Professional cockroach removal starts with sealing your property. A technician will carefully inspect your entire apartment for likely access points for these pests. They’ll seal cracks around doors and windows and help you address any issue with the way trash is stored in and removed from your apartment building.

Next, they’ll use proven traps to neutralize the pests. Cockroaches are resistant to many forms of pesticide, so it can be difficult to find a solution that’s safe for your tenants.

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