How to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Spiders

How to Make Your Home Less Attractive to Spiders

Millions of Canadians have arachniphobia, so while having a few spiders in your home may have some benefits when it comes to controlling other pests, no one wants to share their home with a full family of arachnids. Partnering with a reputable pest control company like Truly Nolen is the best way to keep spiders out of your home but these are a few things you can do to make your property less appealing to arachnids.

Clear Webs From Entryways

There are two distinct types of arachnids: web-spinning spiders and wandering spiders. While wandering spiders find places to burrow to live in, often outside, web-spinning spiders build numerous homes within a small space. You often see spider webs around the entryways of your home. You may also see them up by your ceiling or in dark corners under pieces of furniture. Clearing these webs is the best way to keep web-spinning spiders from returning to your home. If you continue to remove them from the entryways in your home, they are less likely to infiltrate your house. Spiders will likely go somewhere else to find a safer place to build a web that lasts.

Use Less Outdoor Lighting

Spiders prey on other insects. They often eat small flying insects that are attracted to outdoor lights such as moths, flies and gnats. If you want to make your property a less appealing place for spiders, the easiest thing to do is remove easy sources of food. Small insects are often attracted to outdoor lighting fixtures, so if you use less lighting, you attract less prey for spiders to feast on. They are more likely to take up residence in other places where food is more abundant.

Get Rid of Stacks of Firewood

Many people have stacks of firewood right outside their homes for convenience. While this firewood serves as an important fuel for the winter, it also creates a perfect place for spiders to live. Removing stacks of firewood from the property entirely is the best way to deter arachnids. However, due to the frigid nature of Canadian winters, this solution is not always practical. You may rely on firewood to help heat your home during cold snaps. If this is the case, move your firewood away from your house and store it in a separate location on your property to keep spiders away from your house.

Call Truly Nolen for Help With Spider Control

Because female spiders can lay up to 3,000 eggs at one time, you could wind up with a full-blown infestation in a matter of weeks. It’s best to call for help as soon as you see a spider in your home. Taking measures to reduce the number of other pests in your home and making your property a less hospital environment for spiders can deter most arachnids, but the most effective way to keep them out of your home is to work pest control company to treat your house with special chemicals.

At Truly Nolen, we have a team of expert technicians who specialize in spider removal. We know what it takes to get rid of spiders quickly so they have minimal disruption to your life and no impact on your household. We perform each job thoroughly and make sure we get rid of every arachnid in your home to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Call Today for Help With Spider Removal

When you have a lot of spiders in your home despite your best efforts to deter them, it’s time to call an expert for help with residential pest control. The technicians at Truly Nolen Canada are ready to help, so call us today to schedule an appointment for help with spider control.