How To Mouse-Proof Your Chimney In Bridgewater

How To Mouse-Proof Your Chimney In Bridgewater

A common point of entry for rodents and other small critters is your home’s chimney. When the weather outside is unpleasant or the seasons change, mice may try to take advantage of a tiny opening in your chimney and come into your home.

Even if you feel like your chimney is secure, mice may be able to find a way into your home through the smallest of crevices. They can squeeze their way through incredibly compact gaps and invite themselves inside. At Truly Nolen, we can help you protect your home and its chimney from mice. We focus on rodent removal, commercial pest control in Bridgewater and preventative services. Here are ways you can shutter any openings in your chimney for rodents.

Close Off Your Damper

A place to start with your chimney is the damper. When you light a fire in a working fireplace, the damper opens up to help the smoke from the fire rise and escape out of your chimney. The damper is a piece that sits on top of your chimney and can be set up closed or open. When open, the damper helps leave a space for air to get out, but it also opens up to potential critters, like mice and birds.

Some homeowners leave their damper open all the time, even when there is no fire burning in the fireplace. If you have a chimney but the fireplace is never on or not functional, the damper should be closed. Additionally, you can close your damper when you aren’t using your fireplace to help seal off a common entry point for mice.

Install a Chimney Screen

You can also make your chimney more secure by installing a chimney screen or cap on top. This type of product places a screened barrier around your chimney. The screen allows plenty of air to flow and escape from a fire in your fireplace. It also keeps unwelcome small animal guests out of your chimney and your home.

Chimney caps and screens also give you the added benefit of keeping debris from trees and other vegetation out of your fireplace and chimney area. It’s best to have a professional contractor help you choose and install the right chimney screen for your home’s setup.

Check for Holes and Cracks

After adjusting your damper or adding a chimney screen, it’s also vital to make sure your chimney or roof doesn’t have holes or cracks. A tiny crack in your home’s facade can easily be an access point for a mouse. The best option is to get a professional experienced with pest control in Bridgewater to do an inspection of your home.

During an inspection, a pest control expert can help with sealing and caulking holes, cracks and gaps. A common area that may have air leaks is right around your chimney. An expert can properly seal this area and keep your chimney and the rest of your home protected against a potential infestation from a rodent. Sealing up the holes and cracks in your roof and chimney can also help you make your home more energy-efficient with its heating and cooling.

Smart and Effective Rodent Removal

Rodents are determined to find the perfect warm shelter, which in many cases, is someone’s home. It’s important to take steps to keep your home closed off to these clever and adaptable creatures. At Truly Nolen, we can help give you keep your home rodent-free.

Find out more about our steps for rodent removal and keeping your home safe. If you have a business, ask about our commercial pest control in Bridgewater. Contact the team at Truly Nolen and learn how we can help you with a rodent problem.