How To Prevent Spring Pests From Invading Your Home

How To Prevent Spring Pests From Invading Your Home

It is hard not to feel excited and reinvigorated when spring comes. The weather gets warmer, the plants become green again, and animals come out of hibernation. Unfortunately, not every animal that emerges in the spring is welcome. Many insect pests are coming out of winter dormancy and looking to build new homes for themselves and start breeding the next generation. If you find signs of an infestation, you should call professional pest control in Toronto.

Taking proactive steps may help to prevent an infestation in the first place. Here are some things you can do to guard your home against invasion this spring.

1. Keep Your Home’s Exterior Clean

Pests are attracted to areas that are dark and quiet, such as behind shutters, under porches and decks, and in basement window wells. If there is debris in these areas, pests like them even better because they provide places to hide. Keeping these areas clean not only deprives pests of hiding places, but the very act of cleaning introduces light and activity that pests prefer to avoid. Yard waste, such as branches or dried leaves helps to attract stinging insects and ticks to your home, so be sure to dispose of it.

2. Maintain Your Yard

There is more to maintaining your yard than keeping it clean by removing yard waste. Tall grass and overgrown shrubbery provide hiding places for mosquitoes and other pests to make their homes. You can deprive them of their preferred hiding places, which helps to deter them from your property, by keeping your grass mowed and your trees and shrubs pruned.

3. Remove Standing Water and Fix Leaks

Insect pests are attracted to water. Mosquitoes, in particular, need water in which to lay their eggs because the larvae need it to mature. Water can collect in areas such as toys, lawn furniture, and plant containers. Look for any areas of standing water around your property and drain them.

It is not only collections of standing water that cause problems. Leaks in and around your home can moisten wood, which in turn attracts termites and carpenter ants. To prevent this, keep your gutters clean and check your home for leaks, especially in places such as the roof and the basement or crawlspace.

4. Inspect Your Attic

In many homes, the attic is unused space, suitable for storage if anything. This makes it an ideal hiding place for pests. If you have exposed wooden beams in your attic, inspect them occasionally for signs of damage from insects. If you use your attic for storage, keep your possessions in sturdy plastic tubs rather than cardboard boxes as the cellulose in cardboard provides food for insects and nest-building material for wasps.

5. Repair Your Roof

If there is damage to your roof, it may give pests access to the attic. Look for cracks in the roof and use roofing cement to repair them.

6. Fortify Your Air Vents

Every home has air vents. They are necessary to allow oxygen to come in and to let harmful gasses out. However, openings such as vents can also allow pests direct access into your home, not only insects and arachnids but also rodents such as mice and squirrels. If pests build nests in the vents, they may become blocked off, a potentially dangerous situation. You can protect your vents from pests while preserving their functionality by covering the openings with a mesh.

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Pests are tenacious, and sometimes they get into your home despite your best efforts. Our technicians remove pests if they do get in, but we can also help with prevention to keep them out. Find out more about the residential pest control services we offer in Toronto.