How To Determine You Have a Spider Problem

How To Determine You Have a Spider Problem

For all of their good qualities, spiders can be unpleasant to look at, and their presence can even be quite scary for some people. If you notice a spider in your house, there are a few ways to gauge whether you have a spider infestation or if a lone spider simply made its way inside, and there is no cause for further concern. If you decide that you do have a spider problem, you will need to contact a spider control service . Here are some ways to determine whether or not you have a spider problem at home.

You Notice Spider Webs

Spiders build webs when they intend on staying in a particular area for a while. The reason for this is that they use their webs to obtain food, such as mosquitos, moths and flies. Even if you do not notice a spider on its web at the time you discover the web, that does not necessarily mean that they are not somewhere around your house hiding. In addition to the inside of your home, spider webs appearing along the outside of a building may also indicate a current infestation or one in the near future.

A cobweb is a former web that is no longer in use by the spider and is less of a cause for concern than an active spider web. Some ways to tell the difference between the two include their shape and the amount of dirt and debris on the structure. A cobweb will generally appear more tangled and dirty, so if you see a structure resembling this rather than a taunt, new structure, chances are you are not in need of spider removal at this time.

You See More and More Spiders

Seeing one spider is usually not a cause for action rather than removing the one, but seeing more and more of these creatures can indicate an infestation. Keep track of how many and what types of spiders you see so that you can relay this information to a spider control service. It is particularly common to see an increase in spiders in the home after a weather event, such as a heavy rain storm or cold spell, as spiders want to get away from the elements just like people.

You Have Mysterious Bites

Having an itchy, irritating insect or spider bite is never a pleasant experience. Certain spider bites can even be dangerous when they come from breeds such as the brown recluse, black widow or wolf spider. If you and other members of your family find that you are often waking up with mysterious bites on your skin, it could be a sign that you have a spider infestation.

Spider bites can be difficult to decipher from other insect bites, however, receiving numerous bites indicates that you need some sort of pest or spider prevention in the home. In any case, seeing other bugs in the home puts your home more at risk of a spider problem since spiders tend to follow their food source.

There Are Egg Sacs

Seeing egg sacs around the house is a particularly bad sign when it comes to a spider problem since these sacs house hundreds of spiders soon to be born. If you notice a small, oblong or round bundle that is off-white in colour, contact a local spider removal company right away to safety and thoroughly get rid of the item. Getting rid of the eggs before they hatch is a lot less hassle than dealing with the spiders after they hatch.

When you contact professionals like those at Truly Nolen Canada for spider control, you can expect great customer service and results when it comes to removing pests from your home.