Keeping Mice Out of Your Home with Truly Nolens Four Seasons Pest Control Program

Keeping Mice Out of Your Home with Truly Nolens Four Seasons Pest Control Program

If you have an infestation in your home, mice removal is imperative for the health and safety of your family. Think of it as a collaborative effort between you and professional pest control services. You bring the knowledge of your home and its specific needs, while we bring decades of expertise and effective techniques such as our innovative Four Seasons approach.

Why Is Professional Mice Removal So Important?

Approximately half of all mammals are rodents. Rodents live around the world and can be large or small, but the main characteristic that sets them all apart is their front teeth which never stop growing. Rodents, including rats and mice, therefore have an instinctual urge to gnaw constantly and keep their teeth filed down. Rodents infesting a home can do extensive damage to wood and even concrete, compromising your home’s structural integrity.

Mice and rats are also known to chew on electrical wiring. This can create a fire hazard when they sever the wires or strip all the protective insulation from them. Electrical wires increasingly have insulation made from plant-based materials, which makes them more attractive to rodents as a potential food source.

Rats and mice can also harbour diseases that can spread to humans. Sometimes they spread directly through rodent bites or skin-to-skin contact. More often, the infections spread indirectly through food contamination with the rodents’ feces or by parasites that bite the rodents and then bite humans.

Many of these diseases are bacterial infections that can be treated by antibiotics but can still be dangerous to vulnerable populations. Furthermore, some species of rats and mice carry a dangerous pathogen called hantavirus that causes severe respiratory distress. There is no medication to treat the hantavirus and no vaccine. Treatment consists of symptom management until the disease runs its course, which includes artificial ventilation due to fluid in the lungs during the later stages. Up to 40% of patients who contract hantavirus eventually die from it.

What Is the Homeowner’s Role in Preventing an Infestation?

Almost invariably, mice and rats infest homes because they are looking for two things: food and shelter, not necessarily in that order. As a homeowner, your main role in preventing a rodent infestation is to restrict their access to food. This means keeping your kitchen clean, your garbage contained, and your food stored in airtight containers, preferably made of glass or metal that rodents cannot chew through.

It is also important that you realize the challenges involved in do-it-yourself pest control and call professional pest control services as soon as possible.

How Does Four Seasons Pest Control Benefit You?

After decades of providing pest control to residences and businesses alike, we have learned a lot about pests and observed seasonal patterns in their behaviour. For example, rats and mice do not hibernate, so they need shelter from the cold during the winter and also look for reliable food sources. This is often what draws them to human homes. In summer, rodents spend more time foraging outside where food is more plentiful, but having established a cozy nest inside, do not abandon it completely. We use our knowledge of rodents’ seasonal behaviour patterns to formulate an effective mice removal strategy. We also take your unique needs into account.

Our process starts with an exclusion, i.e., closing off potential entry points so the rodents can no longer get in or out, preventing future infestations. We then reduce the rodent population in your home using baits or traps, a process that can take several weeks. We also provide vector control, eradicating the parasites that rodents bring with them and that can spread diseases to humans, e.g., ticks, mites, and fleas. Find out more about our Four Seasons approach as it relates specifically to rodent infestation.