Barrie Pest Control: 3 Interesting Facts About Dock Spiders

Barrie Pest Control_ 3 Interesting Facts About Dock Spiders

Dock spiders are one of the most common types of spiders found in and around homes in rural areas. Also called fishing spiders, they prefer to live in areas near water, such as docks and piers. While they are not particularly aggressive and generally avoid people, they can provide a fright at first sight if you are not familiar with them. Learn more about dock spiders and who to call for pest control in Barrie if you need spider removal

Spiders With International Ties 

While the dock spider is Canada’s largest spider, it can also be found throughout the United States. This international arachnid ranges in size, depending on its locale, from just a few centimetres all the way up to three to four inches in size. Unfortunately for people uncomfortable around the eight-legged crawlers, the Canadian version is the biggest of them all. 

Being aware of dock spiders before heading to your cottage or your summer house is essential for travellers. This information isn’t necessary due to any real danger, but their presence can quickly ruin a trip for someone who lives with arachnophobia. Have the whereabouts checked by a professional ores control service before your arrival to avoid mishaps. 

Spiders With Stingy Webbing 

Dock spiders do not spin webs to catch their prey as many other spiders do. While they are capable of spinning webs and have the hardware to do so, they reserve their precious materials for child-rearing instead. Dock spiders catch their prey through a hunt and pounce method standard among many different carnivores in nature. They are known to hunt and fish, eating anything from small prey to tadpoles, minnows, and insects. 

Spiders With Advanced Appetites

Speaking of carnivores, dock spiders are the ultimate carnivore: cannibals. When female dock spiders mate, they no longer need the male for the process of keeping the egg sack safe. It’s a good thing that mama dock spider has parenthood taken care of because, to release the sperm necessary to mate, the male permanently attaches to his partner and can only live a few hours post-coitus. If his detaching pedipalp appendage doesn’t kill him first, the mama dock spider will eat him so that she can have the appropriate nutrients for her babies. 

Spiders With Extraordinary Feats 

Aside from having the moral fortitude to get the job done no matter the sacrifice, dock spiders have other extraordinary talents. It is, indeed, their confounding skills that people claim to be more unnerved by than the cannibalism or the size. 

Dock spiders can actually walk on water. Thanks to the little bitty hairs on their legs, they can glide across water without worrying too much about getting any one of their eight legs wet. The only thing they have to keep in mind is the occasional fish that might surface to make them a quick snack or s swooping bird that drops in for an unexpected lunch. 

Spiders With Untold Depths 

Luckily for the dock spider, but not for human swimmers who might be startled by the sight, they can also swim underwater for up to 30 minutes at a time. Typically the spiders use this evolutionary feature to hunt for small prey in the water or evade capture, but they can also be found swimming through the water to get from place to place if the surface doesn’t agree with them. 

Whether you’re fascinated by dock spiders or freaked out by their unique features, the arachnid will likely be nearby on your next country outing. The occasional sighting can be unnerving but is expected. However, if you suspect an infestation, contact Truly Nolen Canada in Barrie for professional spider removal services