Barrie Pest Control: How to Prevent Spiders in the Bathroom

Barrie Pest Control: How to Prevent Spiders in the Bathroom

When you go into the bathroom or shower in the morning, chances are you do not want to encounter a spider interrupting your daily routine. Spiders tend to congregate in the bathroom for several reasons, but fortunately, there are some things that homeowners can do to prevent this from happening. Here are some things to know about spiders and how to discourage them from entering your bathroom. However, remember that you can always call a professional specializing in spider control in Barrie.

Why Spiders Love Bathrooms

One of the main reasons that spiders love bathrooms is that they offer plenty of hiding spots. Pests such as spiders generally like to find good places to hide from predators and a quiet spot to build their webs. Bathrooms contain cabinets, towels and other items that foster a feeling of safety and invisibility. This is especially true if you have a guest bathroom or a bathroom in a basement that does not get much human traffic. In these cases, it can take a residential pest control service to find the source of the pests and get to the bottom of a spider infestation. In addition to bathrooms, keep an eye out for locations in the house such as:

  • The laundry room
  • The kitchen sink 
  • The basement and other damp areas
  • The attic and other locations where the home’s residents tend not to travel 

If you see spiders in these locations, chances are they will eventually make their way into a bathroom.

Why Spiders Especially Enjoy the Shower

While spiders like hiding out in the bathroom, they particularly enjoy hanging out in the shower. Like most pests, spiders enter a residence in order to find a source of food and water, and a well-used shower is a fantastic source of water. Unlike other sources of water, such as sinks and dog bowls, showers provide more places for spiders to hide while consuming the water. For example, they can hide beneath the curtain, in any washcloths that might be lying around in the tub or behind bottles of shampoo.

How To Keep Spiders Out of the Bathroom 

Some people have an intense fear of spiders, and encountering one while in the shower would not be a positive experience. Nonetheless, spiders can still present an annoyance and inconvenience to those who are not afraid of them. We always recommend hiring a home pest control company for several reasons, especially if you already have a pest control problem, but there are some things that homeowners can do to help keep discourage spiders from congregating in the bathroom, to begin with. These include:

  • Leading the spider to a door or window, if there is one in or near the bathroom that leads to the outdoors
  • Trapping the spider and letting it outside
  • Keeping windows to the bathroom closed during all seasons of the year

The last point is especially important since people are more likely to have windows open during the warmer months, but spiders still seek shelter during the colder months. In addition, it is during the winter months that spiders tend to be most likely to seek water inside, either due to less rainfall or inhospitable temperatures keeping any outside water in a frozen state.

In addition to keeping spiders out of the bathroom, it is also wise to keep them from coming inside the house in the first place by sealing cracks in walls and doors, as well as cleaning up any water spills in and around the house.

If you have a spider issue in your bathroom, get in touch with Truly Nolen Canada today to assist.