4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Brampton Home Pest-Free

4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Brampton Home Pest-Free

Ants can be real pests, especially when they get into your pantry. There’s nothing worse than finding a line of black ants leading to your cupboards — or is there? As irritating as run-of-the-mill ants can be, carpenter ants bring a whole other set of problems. If you even suspect these tiny critters are inside your home, you should schedule carpenter ant removal as soon as possible.

Carpenter ants chew through wood — which happens to be the primary material for your home’s internal structures. While tiny, these bugs work together, with one colony holding tens of thousands of ants. With an army chewing away at the walls and roof, your house can sustain severe damage that’s expensive to fix. If you can, it’s best to avoid the problem in the first place with expert-approved prevention tips. In fact, you can keep the majority of pests away with just a few steps.

4 Tips To Avoid The Need For Pest Removal

All pests need these three things:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter

Removing access to these makes your property less attractive to bugs, rodents and birds. Life is hard in the wild, and most pests won’t waste time in a place that doesn’t offer resources. For best results, contact pest control services in Brampton to help you complete this checklist.

1. Secure Food Sources

As any pest removal professional will tell you, this bug’s favourite food is wood. Stacks of firewood, rotting logs and dead trees are all prime meals. To keep these pests away, store firewood far from the house, get rid of fallen branches and consult arborists to keep your trees healthy.
Other pests are happy to eat out of your trash. To deter them, buy bins with lockable lids. It’s also a good idea to stow trash in plastic garbage bags, as these dampen the scent of rotting food, decreasing the risk that hungry critters will catch a whiff.

2. Address Standing Water

Standing water draws all sorts of undesirables:

  • Mice and rats
  • Mosquitoes
  • Birds

If you have standing water in your yard, the first step is identifying the source. Leaking pipes and gutter drains are common culprits. Pet water dishes and bird baths can also become sources when they are not properly cared for.

3. Identify Access Points

Pests (especially bugs) have all sorts of ways to get into your house. In some cases, they even use the door! Pest removal experts caution that ants can fit between doors and thresholds due to their small size. One way to remedy this issue is to install weatherstripping, which makes door frames airtight.

Most pests can also access your house through cracks in the foundations and siding. Mice may wiggle through holes as small as a quarter-inch in diameter, giving them full access to crawlspaces. Rats can chew through drywall, wood and even steel pipes. To prevent these animals from doing too much damage, you should address minor issues early. A pest control professional can help by identifying signs of entry with an inspection.

4. Inspect Your Roof

Speaking of inspections, when was the last time you looked at your roof? Rooftops are especially vulnerable to pests since many are excellent climbers.
Some pests can also easily find their way in through leaks, chimneys and vents. One of the best things you can do to protect your home from pests is to schedule an annual roof inspection.

Expert Carpenter Ant Removal Services

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