Burlington Pest Control: Why Are There Ants in Your Apartment?

Burlington Pest Control: Why Are There Ants in Your Apartment?

Many people find apartment living preferable to homeownership because they do not have to concern themselves with typical maintenance responsibilities, such as pest control. Still, renters may have to cope with the effects of a carpenter ant infestation until a landlord or property manager deals with the problem by calling carpenter ant extermination in Burlington.

Landlords and property owners are responsible for maintaining a livable and safe property for tenants; therefore, if aware of an insect infestation, they must hire pest control services. The problem is that it is not always immediately apparent there is a problem, even to the tenants.

Most people are familiar with ants and are used to seeing them around. It is not unusual to find a stray ant inside your apartment. That said, when you see multiple ants, especially carpenter ants, in your living space, you have a problem.

Why Ants Are Invading Your Space

Carpenter ants are among the largest and most problematic ant species. Signs of carpenter ants in house and apartment structures can include the typical ant trails and their presence in kitchens and around food sources, but they can also include little mounds of sawdust near tiny holes. Evidence of sawdust is alarming because it means the ants are establishing a colony in the wood of your apartment. Still, why are they in your apartment? What’s motivating their behaviour?

Reasons for an Infestation

The primary reason ants invade your space is food. Carpenter ants will primarily focus on the outside of your space where there is access to damp wood; however, they may enter an apartment to find food for the colony.

If carpenter ants have managed to burrow into your apartment, it likely means the structure is damaged. The ants tunnel through wood, creating nests and establishing a colony. From the main colony, they will form satellite colonies, and they will continue until they are stopped.

Prevention Strategies

To consider prevention strategies, you first need to deal with the current infestation by hiring a team like Truly Nolen for professional removal. You can not resolve a carpenter ant infestation using DIY methods; they are ineffective against the species.

Once the property is successfully treated for the infestation, you can focus on prevention strategies. To avoid future carpenter ant problems, talk to the landlord about repairing any damaged wood. Beyond wood repair, you should focus on keeping your apartment clean of food waste. Don’t leave dishes in the sink, sweep up after every meal, vacuum regularly, and take the trash out every night.

Professional Assistance

If you want to know how to get rid of carpenter ants, it’s simple: call a professional. Carpenter ants are challenging to treat because they burrow and nest inside wood. It is almost impossible for standard DIY treatments to eliminate an infestation. Before spending any of your money, contact the landlord or property manager to discuss the problem.

Many building owners contract with companies like Truly Nolen to ensure infestations don’t occur. The property owner should be made aware if the company is not doing its part or needs to come out to treat the property.

Carpenter Ant Removal Services

Carpenter ants usually enter a house in search of food. Seeing several carpenter ants in your apartment is not a good sign for the property. Talk to your landlord about hiring a service specializing in carpenter ant extermination in Burlington. Talk to them about contacting Truly Nolen Canada to schedule a property assessment and to discuss potential treatment plans, including the service’s four-season approach to treatment and prevention.