Burlington Spider Removal: 4 Things You Should Know About Spiders

Burlington Spider Removal 4 Things You Should Know About Spiders

Many people have an irrational fear of spiders, but there is no reason to be afraid of the arachnids. You shouldn’t rush to get rid of spiders in your home because they don’t usually pose a danger to humans. Here are four things you should know about arachnids and what you should do if you decide you need spider removal.

1. Spiders Do Not Spread Disease

One of the biggest reasons you worry about having pets in your home is the fear of catching contagious diseases. While rats and mice are notorious for spreading disease, spiders don’t. They don’t carry any diseases that they could transmit to humans so you never have to worry about getting sick just because you were in close proximity to an arachnid. In most cases, you will rarely see the spiders that live in your home because they prefer dark, hidden crevices. If you leave them alone and allow them to eat smaller pests in your home, you can have a mutually beneficial relationship with spiders.

2. Spiders Benefit the Ecosystem

Like all creatures, spiders have a unique place in the ecosystem. They are beneficial for reducing the number of pests such as flies and gnats. You may even want a couple of spiders in your home to help with pest control. You will see fewer insects and bugs if you have a couple of spiders living in your home because the arachnids will eat many common household pests. Killing too many spiders leaves a hole in the natural ecosystem and allows pests to run rampant.

3. Most Spiders Carry Venom

You’ve probably heard horror stories about venomous spiders such as brown recluses and black widows. The reality is that most spiders are venomous. However, most people have little reaction to most spider bites. The venom of brown recluses and black widows is toxic to humans but rarely deadly. In most cases, spider bites from these two species are entirely treatable if they do not heal on their own.

4. Spider Do Not Damage Your Home

Other types of pests such as squirrels and rats can cause significant amounts of damage to the structure of your home. Spiders pose no threat to the integral structure of your house. They spin webs in dark corners and crevices, but other than a few cobwebs, you probably rarely see spiders in your house. They never damage your belongings other than attaching webs to the pieces. You can easily remove a web by brushing it all, so spiders are not a threat to your budget because they do not affect your home’s structure.

What To Do When You Need Help With Spider Removal

Successful spider removal requires certain tools and skills. You likely do not have the knowledge necessary to get rid of spiders in your home quickly and efficiently, so it is best to trust a professional when you need help with spider removal. The team of technicians at Truly Nolen is experienced in removing spiders from your homes so that you never have to worry about the arachnids taking over your house. We can also give you tips on how to make your house less spider-friendly so that the arachnids are deterred from taking up residence.

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There’s no reason to kill common house spiders because they usually pose no danger to you and usually help get rid of other pests. However, you don’t want to deal with a full-blown spider infestation. If you see too many spiders in your house, it’s time to call the professionals at truly Nolen. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for pest control in Burlington.