Cambridge Pest Control: Do Spider Traps Work?

Do Spider Traps Work

No one wants to share their home with insects or spiders. Having a spider problem in your home is more than unpleasant. Besides cobwebs, spiders may also leave behind a painful or itchy bite. If you think you have a spider infestation in your house, it’s best to ask the pros at Truly Nolen for assistance. We specialize in effective residential pest control solutions. One of the tools we use for pest control is trapping insects or spiders. Here are some details about spider traps and how they work.

Spiders in Your Home

It’s normal to find a spider in your home every once in a while. They are tiny enough to not always be noticed when they come inside. Spiders are attracted to dark, quiet spaces in the home that may not be used every day, such as the basement, attic or garage.

Spiders may also be helpful to the average homeowner by trapping other pesky insects, such as gnats, flies and mosquitoes. They often spin their webs in elevated areas to catch flying insects. Outdoors, spiders may position their web near porch lights and other outdoor lighting fixtures to get closer to insects drawn to the lights.

What Are Spider Traps?

When there are too many spiders in a home or around a property, this creates a problem more than a helpful way to control other bugs. Spider traps are a tool to safely catch and trap spiders without using pesticides or other chemicals. 

The typical spider trap is a glue trap that is set up near a spider’s path and designed to immobilize them. Glue traps feature a sticky substance on a flat surface such as cardboard or another paper material. Spider traps can also be found at local grocery and hardware stores for homeowners to purchase. The traps can also catch other insects and pests, such as roaches, mice or ants.

Do Spider Traps Work?

In theory, glue traps are very effective. They are inexpensive and don’t require any chemical treatment or fancy equipment. If a spider or another type of bug goes into the glue trap, it will most often trap them and keep them from further damaging your home.

There are some problems with relying on DIY glue traps to control spiders. Spider traps positioned in various parts of a home won’t do much for the occasional spider homeowners see in their spaces. If there is a more serious infestation, it’s better to have a professional technician strategically place spider traps near identified nests to make them more effective.

Can Spider Traps Eliminate an Infestation of Spiders?

Spider glue traps by themselves cannot eliminate a serious pest infestation. They may be used alongside other pest control tactics to remove the problem. Glue traps also have to be placed away from young children and pets so they aren’t causing more issues than the spider situation.

Pest control professionals can determine the best way to use spider traps to help eliminate spiders from a home. Pros can also identify the species and use their knowledge of the exact spider’s habitat, eating and nesting preferences to make the spider traps more effective.

Residential Pest Control at Your Service

Homeowners can get more value and results from professional spider removal in Cambridge with Truly Nolen. A spider problem is often more complex than just seeing a few spiders every once in a while. Our services include pest identification and a personalized removal strategy. Finally, we work with homeowners to help prevent a new infestation in the future.

Get help with a spider infestation instead of placing glue traps yourself and looking up DIY tips. Truly Nolen offers homeowners an easier way to remove bothersome pests like spiders and other critters.