Cambridge Pest Control: How to Deter Bees

Cambridge Pest Control: How to Deter Bees

Reduce the risks of bees on your property these spring and summer by minimizing common attractants, like flowers and food. Bees, like most living things, want to live in a space that offers easy access to food, water, and shelter. Services for bee and wasp pest control in Cambridge know it is challenging to remove all attractants, but stress that limiting them will reduce the risks of bee hives and activity in your yard or around your property.

While bees are more docile than other flying critters, such as wasps, property owners still view them as nuisances. That said, most people realize how important bees are, so protecting your property is about finding a balance.

4 Ways To Protect Your Property Against Bees

You can protect your property against bee hives without hurting the insects. The main objective is to create a landscape that is unsuitable for a hive to thrive. Also, you can keep bees at bay by adopting some habits that are good for your property and your guests.

While you can use residential pest control services to treat your property with chemical barriers and other methods, you can do a few things on your own. Consider the four practical ways homeowners can keep bees away.

1. Serve Food Inside

Bees love a good barbecue. They swarm to outdoor dinners or lunches looking for sugary beverages or uncovered foods. While some people try to protect food with plastic wrap and aluminum foil, it is not enough. The insects are determined and capable.

The best way to keep bees away from your backyard soiree is by serving food indoors. You and your guests can still eat outdoors. But keeping the serving trays and dishes inside reduces the temptation for the bees because the food and its scent are never in one outdoor place long enough.

2. Keep Strong Scented Plants Away From Porch and Patios

Flower gardens help beautify a landscape, but they also attract bees. Bees love sweet-smelling flowers, helping to pollinate and collect nectar. Because most people plant gardens near their porches or patios, they unwittingly attract bees and encourage hive construction.

You can still enjoy a garden on your property, but it is best to plant it away from your house. Think about planting flowers near a fence line at the back of your property. Bees will still come to your property, but they may stay away from your house.

3. Put Away Empty Tools, Toys, and Pots

Bees can build nests anywhere. While some will use your house or attic and wall cavities, other hives will build in lawnmowers, playhouses, or empty flower pots. As you might expect, a hive in any of these locations is potentially dangerous.

Maintaining a clean yard is one of the best ways to prevent bees. Keep unused lawn equipment in the garage. Make sure to clean play equipment routinely. Also, use or get rid of any pots that are just sitting around your yard.

4. Inspect Property Regularly for Nests

If you see an increase in bee activity around your property, contact bee pest control services. Sometimes, you might have a beehive on your property without noticing it. Bees tend to build nests inside other structures, making it difficult to see them while performing a simple walkthrough. Still, routine inspections are better than nothing.

Have you noticed an increase in bee activity around your home? Are you concerned you might have a hive somewhere on your Cambridge property? Contact Truly Nolen Canada to discuss your concerns and schedule a property assessment as soon as possible. The company will send a team to resolve the issue.