Cambridge Pest Control: Simple Tips To Enjoy a Pest-Free Halloween

Cambridge Pest Control: Simple Tips To Enjoy a Pest-Free Halloween

Halloween is a wonderful, festive time of year. Many people enjoy the creepiness of ghost stories and dressing up as ghouls and characters. The problem is that the season also brings some unwanted creepy crawlies out of hiding, such as insects and rodents. If you notice any mice lurking about, call mice control in Cambridge to protect your property and prevent an infestation.

The fall festivities can attract pests for various reasons. Many insects feel a pull to specific lighting. Also, bugs and rodents crave sweet treats. The draw to your property may be as simple as pests looking for shelter within your display. Whatever their motivations, homeowners must do all they can to enjoy a pest-free season.

4 Tips To Enjoy a Pest-Free Halloween

Maintaining a pest-free property is about focusing on maintenance and staying vigilant with sightings and treatments. Sometimes, the decorations are the culprit of a sudden influx of pests in your yard. Most people store their Halloween decorations in a basement or garage, where they sit throughout the rest of the year.

Insects, rodents, and other pests love sights that are quiet, dark, and unbothered by humans. The fabrics, folds, and hollow openings of several decorations represent excellent hiding places for pests. As you bring your decorations out of storage, inspect and clean them. Also, store items in plastic bins with a tight seal to prevent pests.

While maintaining proper storage practices can help limit the number and types of pests you deal with during Halloween, they may still find their way into your yard and display. Discover four things you can do to limit pest problems this fall season.

1. Carve Pumpkins Close to Halloween

People like to carve pumpkins early for Halloween. Some families may even start carving pumpkins at the beginning of October, just swapping out dilapidated and rotting ones with fresh ones.

While pumpkin carving is fun and a pleasant family activity, carving pumpkins early can motivate pest problems. Once pumpkins are open, they emit a smell and sweetness that attracts various pests, including mice. By simply waiting to carve your pumpkins until a few days before Halloween, you can reduce the need for mice removal services.

2. Keep Up With Yard Maintenance

Insects, rodents, and other pests like hiding places. They want to feel safe from predators. Unkempt yards provide hiding spaces and shelter. Leaves act as a blanket over the surface of a yard, allowing pests to navigate the landscape and get closer to your home. Try to keep up with lawn care in the fall, especially with leaves.

3. Ensure Decorations Aren’t Attracting Pests

You know that carved pumpkins can attract pests, but you may not know that other decorations can also act as attractants. Insects and mice love hay bales; mice will use the bales for food or nesting materials. Also, bugs are drawn to incandescent lights, which many older decorations, like blow moulds, may house.

4. Attend to Candy at all Times

 Many homeowners choose to leave candy out for trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. While the tactic is understandable for those who will not be home, it is not the best option from a pest control perspective. Even sealed candy produces an odour that insects can detect and are drawn to. Never leave candy unattended.

Truly Nolen Canada: Pest Control Services

Is your Halloween display full of unintended creepy crawlies? Are pests like insects, arachnids, and mice making their way into your home? If you want to learn how to get rid of mice and other pests, contact Truly Nolen Canada for pests and mice control in Cambridge. The service will send technicians to your property to assess the pest issues and propose solutions. While the team is there, ask about the four-season treatment plan to ensure your house is pest-free all year.