Protecting Your Cambridge Property From the Black Widow Spider

Protecting Your Cambridge Property From the Black Widow Spider

Cambridge, Ontario, is a city with a rich history and beautiful landmarks. Founded in 1973, and nestled within Waterloo where the Grand and Speed Rivers meet, its residents have much to be proud of. It is home to many enjoyable festivals and art centres, such as the Hamilton Family Theatre. The city’s climate is varied, which means that as a resident, you may sometimes see a range of insect and rodent pests near your home. Some are troublesome, but others such as the black widow spider can pose a serious danger to your home or business; in fact, it’s one of the most dangerous spiders in Canada. We at Truly Nolen are ready to assist you with pest control in Cambridge and help you understand more about this venomous spider.

Black Widow Spiders Have a Wide Geographical Range 

These spiders are found all over North America in temperate climates. They can survive in desert conditions and tend to prefer drier areas. The lush rivers of Cambridge make the area attractive for this spider since the water draws many different types of prey. They also seek out warm, dry and dark indoor spaces for their nests, including:

  • Basements 
  • Storage spaces of residences and businesses
  • Wood and brush piles 

You may be surprised that this spider ranges into Southern Ontario because of the area’s cold winters, but these creatures have the ability to go dormant when the temperatures drop and can conserve their energy until spring comes.

Human Contact Is Often Accidental 

Black widow spiders are solitary, shy spiders that seek out human dwellings because of the shelter they offer. They tend to hide in crevices along stone walls, in clutter and building foundations. They usually encounter humans during cleaning processes or while hiding in a storage area that gets disturbed.

Although these spiders are usually not aggressive, they can become problematic for you if they mate and lay eggs in or around your home or business. If you start to see these spiders more often, you may have a growing infestation that requires our services for pest control in Cambridge.

Steps for Black Widow Spider Treatment 

The black widow spider can deliver a painful bite that is especially dangerous for elderly family members, the very young and household pets. The venom can make you quite ill, so it is important to address an increased population of these spiders sooner rather than later. Our technicians will come to your Cambridge home or business and inspect both the interior and exterior, eliminating webs and their occupants before treating other areas where the spiders like to hide and make webs.

You can identify a black widow spider web by the consistency of its silk, which tends to be thicker with a cotton-like appearance. The webs are also irregular instead of the traditional orb shape. Our technicians can confirm the presence of these spiders and perform a web wipe, which eliminates webbing, egg sacs and any spiders that may show themselves during the process.

Preventing Future Infestation 

Black widow spiders may be found throughout Cambridge, and since the city’s population is on the rise, the influx of the black widow may grow with it because of the available food sources. Truly Nolen can help prevent future infestations by treating indoor and outdoor locations where black widows hide and sealing cracks and crevices to prevent them from reinhabiting these spots later on. We can also reduce the presence of insects around your home, cutting off the black widow’s food source.

You can make your home or business less hospitable to black widows by reducing basement or attic clutter, covering or storing woodpiles securely and cleaning sheds and garages regularly.

From its beautiful storied history to acres of parks, many people are discovering what makes this city so beautiful. Let us defend your Cambridge home or company with spider control.